The Flex TVF Bulk Tube and Vial Feeder – automatic container preparation performance in one efficient unit

Automatically feed, sort, orient, and dispense labware with far less noise interruption than a traditional vibratory bowl.
The Flex TVF Bulk Tube and Vial Feeder is the easily integrated solution that provides walk-away automated labware preparations. 


Flex TVF Bulk Tube and Vial Feeder

The gravity fed hopper quietly sorts, orients, and dispenses labware for the next step in your automation process


  • Increase productivity, staff can work on scientific activities while the Flex TVF Bulk Tube and Vial Feeder automatically preps labware for the next stage in your automated process
  • Make efficient use of work space, quiet operation allows for other tasks to be performed in the same vicinity
  • Gain flexibility, the Flex TVF can accommodate multiple tube sizes and shapes with easy change-over of parts
  • Easily implement and integrate, as this solution assimilates with other workflow systems and Computype's Flex Tube Pro unit


Flex TVF Bulk Tube and Vial Feeder key features

  • Automated tube sorter and dispenser
  • Easy change-over for different tube/vial sizes – no tools needed
  • Standalone unit or easily integrated with other lab automation such as Computype’s Flex Tube Pro
  • One of the quietest sorters available – operates at approximately 60- 65dB
  • 2,000 piece hopper capacity provides up to 2 hours of uninterrupted automatic operation
  • Sorts, dispenses, and orients tubes and vials for feeding to next stage in automation or workflows

Flex Tube and Vial Feeder Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
Efficiently provides supply of oriented tubes to downstream automation Eliminate step of manually presenting tubes one-by-one Up to two hours of uninterrupted operation
Generates minimal noise @ approx. 65 decibels Substantially quieter than the traditional vibratory bowl Ability to conduct other business processes in same work area without noise constraints
Turnkey system integration Reduced commissioning costs from a single solution supplier Efficient implementation and integration

Computype Flex Tube Pro Automatic Tube & Vial Labelling

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