Jazz 400R Turnkey Integration System – designed to offer seamless lab labelling automation

Integration in lab automation is at its best and is most easily achieved when every component is designed to work as a coherent whole.
This is the key to easy automation success – the Jazz 400R Turnkey Integration System covers all the bases with modules that are meant to work together. Achieve automatic sorting, orienting, dispensing, labelling, and racking of tubes and vials in one unit.



  • Gain speed and precision, with a high speed, high capacity solution
  • Gain high productivity, with fast, precise labelling and robotic presentation of pre-labeled parts for the next step in your workflow
  • Make smarter use of labor, total automation frees staff to work on their scientific activities


Jazz 400R Turnkey Integration System key features

  • Automatic orientation of bulk-fed tubes and vials, consistently placed exactly in the same position
  • Prints and applies sequentially numbered linear or 2D barcodes to each item
  • Up to two hours automatic operation
  • High resolution printing at 600 dpi and precision label placement at ±0.35 mm
  • Customisable to accommodate unique operational sequences and easy integration with existing automated processes
  • Simply load the racks, press the button and the system takes over
  • Works with standard racks and offers customisable rack configurations
  • Automation eliminates repetitive strain injury potential

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