PR100i Tube Pro Label Applicator – one machine meets all your tube and vial labelling needs

The PR100i Tube Pro Label Applicator precisely applies labels to tubes and vials of almost any size and shape, negating the need for multiple pieces of labelling equipment.
Easy to operate and integrate, the PR100i Tube Pro allows for precise labelling at twice the speed of manual application. Productivity is improved and staff are free to spend more of their time on scientific work.


customized roller sets

Customised Roller Sets Allow for Labelling of Different Sized Containers


  • Gain value for money, with one automation unit to handle all your tube and vial labelling needs
  • Save on costs, faster labelling means better use of personnel skills and time
  • Boost productivity, with up to 900 pieces per hour labelling capacity
  • Reduce system interruptions, precise label placement provides consistent and reliable barcode reading in downstream automation


PR100i Tube Pro Label Applicator key features

  • Semi automatic, manual trigger operation
  • Custom roller sets enable system accomodation to your tubes and vials
  • Easily change out customized roller sets to accommodate different tube types
  • Compact benchtop size saves space
  • Precision label placement at ± 0.35mm
  • Integrates easily into existing workflow systems
  • Ergonomic design reduces potential for repetitive strain injuries
  • Fully enclosed motion-activated option for added safety and efficiency
  • Suitable for print-and apply of both linear and 2D codes
  • Interfaces with Wireless LAN, WiFi, Compact Flash Memory Card, Ethernet, USB, and RS232

precise and efficient print and apply technology

Precise and Efficient Print and Apply Technology

Watch the video to see the PR100i Tube Pro Label Applicator in action

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