Tyre Tread Labels – gain the competitive edge and regulatory compliance

Computype Tyre Tread Labels make it easy to comply with consumer awareness regulations whilst fully supporting your brand presentation.
Having partnered with major tyre manufacturers worldwide for over 40 years, Computype understands your processes and the label performance you demand. We’re also widely experienced in helping companies implement new labelling regulations.



  • Choose flexibility, with full colour print-on-demand or pre-printed system options to suit your processes
  • Gain maximum presentation, with print quality that supports branding 100%
  • Achieve reliable performance, through tough, fade-free, durable labels which stay attached and maintain brand presentation
  • Cut scrap and rework, with hi-tac adhesives for effective adhesion even to winter tyres and easy removal
  • Easily adopt new regulations, with Computype’s In-depth experience of implementing consumer awareness labelling
  • Support labelling automation, with labels and systems that integrate easily with your production line


Tyre Tread Labels key features

  • High gloss, rugged labels proven to withstand the rigors of production and distribution
  • Outstanding print quality supports branding at the point of sale
  • Label materials designed to block staining from tyre compounds
  • Full colour print-on-demand or pre-printed for overprinting with your variable data

Computype Tyre Tread Labels are engineered with a structure and materials which meet the specific challenges of the tyre industry.

Tread Label Diagram
To learn more about Computype’s tyre labelling solutions download the Tyre Tread Label brochure, download the Computype Tyre Brochure, or contact Computype directly