In healthcare, you need to know that your labeling systems are 100% dependable. They’ve got to be designed by people who understand your goals, processes, research, and the everyday challenges you face. That’s where Computype can help.

Lab automation, chemical/reagent manufacturing, labware, analytical instruments, – whatever your discipline, we offer you and your customers the highest quality in durable and accurate labeling solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and processes.

  • Trusted with supplying millions of slide labels for use in diagnostic research across the world, durable Computype labels assist in providing more accurate and efficient test results
  • Speed up processes with pre-labeled labware and pre-assembled kits that are ready for use upon delivery
  • Harsh environment labels, automation solutions, and integration expertise ensure efficient implementation and solutions for everyday demands
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When it comes to you and your customers’ lab samples and research, our durable, adaptable label systems set the highest standards in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries

  • Seven of the top 20 big pharmaceutical companies in North America trust Computype with their compound storage labeling to improve efficiencies and better utilize researcher’s time
  • Industry know-how and global account management improves accuracy and information flow, while ensuring consistent sample management across multiple locations
  • Flexible and integratable label automation systems enhance process workflows to increase throughput and reduce errors
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transfusion medicine

Computype solutions for the blood-collection industry provide a combination of dependable, compliant systems and customization potential – to deliver the kind of versatile system integrity your life-saving work demands.

  • 90% of the North American blood supply relies on Computype labels because of their guaranteed dependability and scannability, ensuring unique symbols and precision barcodes
  • DIN label sets and print-on-demand blank labeling solutions ensure every unit of blood, plasma, or platelets be efficiently tracked and utilized
  • 35 years of close collaboration with blood banks ensures longevity, market knowledge, and strong industry relationships
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