The Globally Harmonized System for the labeling of hazardous substances comes into effect on June 1 2015. With Computype as your implementation partner, the transition will be straightforward, and turn an obligation into a business opportunity.

  • Computype has extensive experience in meeting the challenges of labeling regulations in several industries worldwide
  • Benefit from an end-to-end service, from initial system audit to full final implementation
  • Achieve a tailored GHS solution that also improves your processes, increases efficiency, and reduces costs
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With Computype labeling solutions expertise, you can manage processes more effectively and gain deeper insights into how they perform. The results are enhanced efficiencies hand-in-hand with reduced costs.

  • Tailored solutions that handle the most rigorous processes
  • Worldwide manufacturing experience, from electronics to tire production, automotive to retail
  • Engineering, data management and system integration expertise
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