Garment & Textile

Did you know that dry cleaners and laundries can dramatically impact their business with a simple barcode label?

They can:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Grow revenue

How? With a garment barcode identification labels from Computype. You already know that barcodes speed up your life at the grocery check-out line. They help at the dry cleaners as well. We specialize in barcode garment identification via pre-printed labels or on-demand label printing systems. Our customers are already enjoying the benefits: reducing the time required for drop-off, ensuring customer instructions are followed, creating life-of-garment history, and developing customer loyalty.

  • Drycleaner Automation From A to Z

    With Computype’s label, the Z Cleaners POS system stores a service history for each garment.

    Drycleaner Automation From A to Z
  • Drycleaning Barcode Scanning

    Barcodes are helping local dry cleaners provide a higher level of service while reducing costs.

    Drycleaning Barcode Scanning