Tire and Rubber


Our Mission: Help reduce scrap and re-work while improving production efficiencies.

We know that every minute wasted costs money in production, and looking for ways to increase efficiency without impacting quality is a challenge.

We know the right label can help.

Customers know they can rely on Computype to understand their tire manufacturing process and design the right label, the right labeling system, and the right support structure.

Put us to the test - Let us come visit you; we can walk through your plant and provide you with some of our ideas on how to improve the tire labeling process in your faciilty.


The facts:

  • We partner with leading global tire manufacturers around the world and ship to more than 40 countries
  • We produce over 300 million tire bead labels annually
  • Innovation Leadership: Our product development team keeps up with the changing requirements in rubber technologies, automation, and the demands in product identification and scanning
  • Global account management and quality processes means that we provide you with the assurance of reliable products and services wherever they’re needed


  • Retreading a Growing Trend

    What makes Vacu-Lug so successful is their focus on delivering comprehensive, compliant and cost-effective managed tire services.

    Retreading a Growing Trend
  • Pallet labels help with efficient pick and pack for DHL

    For more than 10 years Computype has been working with one of DHLs distribution centres, based in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK.

    Pallet labels help with efficient pick and pack for DHL