Transfusion Medicine

Identifying human blood products is one of the most critical applications you can imagine—and Computype has produced more barcode labels for the international blood bank community than any other company. Our vision-based inspection system guarantees Donation Identification Number (DIN) scannability—every symbol on every set is scanned and decoded multiple times prior to shipment. More importantly, we guarantee sequence integrity, because a duplicate DIN label can mean the death of a patient.  It simply has to be right.  And we’ve been getting it right in blood banking for over 35 years.

Our labeling products range from DIN label sets to product labels to blank stock and printers for on-demand label generation to simple software to track blood in a transfusion service. Our intelligent print stations—we call them DIN Replicators—are installed in scores of blood banks throughout North America. These scan-one-print-one systems are simple and cost-effective. They prevent errors by ensuring you’ll never manually record a bar-coded number again.

Your source for ISBT 128-compliant blood labeling:

  • Pre-printed DINs
  • Blank label stock/ribbon
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Blood Locator Software

  • Digital Offset Printing for DINs

    With the advent of digital label printing, blood banks now have an additional weapon in the fight against blood misidentification.

    Digital Offset Printing for DINs
  • Labels help cord blood researchers

    A series of unique Computype labels are helping the New York Blood Center identify clusters of stem cells with disease-fighting potential.

    Labels help cord blood researchers