Print-and-apply A+1000 Label Applicator – precise, rapid labeling

When it comes to labeling medical device packaging or placing component parts, the A+1000 Label Applicator makes it easy to apply a perfect label in the right location, each and every time.
The A+1000 is a simple, economical printer-applicator that makes labeling far faster and more accurate than when performed manually. With 600 dpi print resolution and the capacity to print widths up to 4 inches, the A+1000 has versatility built-in.



  • Speed up your labeling, as the unit labels up to 6 items per minute
  • Increase accuracy, with consistent precision label placement
  • Increase flexibility, with labels from 25 – 177mm in width, and 80 – 200mm in height
  • Gain reliability, with durable German engineered design
  • Reduce risk of repetitive strain injuries associated with manual labeling


A+1000 key features

  • Compatible with a wide range of interfaces – including peripheral connection, PO/SPS interfaces, and network connections
  • Several frames available to integrate with your processes and the items to be labeled
  • Easy integration with your production line or stand-alone capability
  • Can be used in semi-automatic mode, with manual loading of items in a fixture
  • Simple design for dependable, user-friendly operation

To learn more about Computype’s printer-applicator labeling solutions download the A+1000 Label Applicator Data Sheet, or contact Computype directly