The Flex Tube Pro Automatic Tube and Vial Labeler – a fully automated solution for batch tube and vial labeling

With up to two hours of uninterrupted precison label application automation, throughput is increased, errors are reduced, and your staff can focus on more scientific activities.
Walk-away automation that provides sorting, dispensing and labeling of tubes and vials delivers a host of productivity wins.


Computype Flex Tube Pro Automatic Tube & Vial Labeling


  • Reduce human errors and increase throughput, with automatic sorting, orienting, and dispensing with precision label placement tolerance
  • Gain the complete solution with one investment, the Flex Tube Pro handles a wide range of tube/vial shapes and sizes
  • Integrate with ease, the unit can be integrated with downstream automation for increased accuracy and throughput


Flex Tube Pro Automatic Tube and Vial Labeler key features

  • Fully automated sorting, orienting, dispensing, and labeling in a compact design
  • Delivers up to two hours of uninterrupted performance
  • Precise label placement means reliable barcode reading
  • No need for hand-presenting containers or manual labeling
  • Automation eliminates the concern for repetitive strain injuries
  • Solution provides option for ‘multitasking’ budget dollars, handling a wide range of tube/vial shapes and sizes
  • No tools required to accommodate different tube sizes/shapes
  • Batch all labeling tasks into one process, no need for ongoing labeling through the working week

Flex Tube Pro Automatic Tube and Vial Labeling Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
Sorts, orients, dispenses, and labels with precision barcode placement tolerance Eliminate need for manual presenting/labeling Reduced human errors; walk-away increased throughput
Supports a range of tube/vial sizes and shapes One capital investment handles all automated labeling needs Multitasking budget dollars
Turnkey system integration Reduced commissioning costs from a single solution supplier Efficient implementation and integration

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