Microwell Plate Labels – standard and custom labels designed for automatic application

From -80°C to an autoclave, Computype Microwell Plate Labels can easily withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles and the environmental extremes of chemicals and storage
Designed to accommodate standard SBS plates, Computype Microwell Plate Labels can also be customized to fit non-standard plate formats. Combined with our Automated Plate Labeling Equipment, you’ll realize improved efficiencies and dependable plate tracking.


Automatic Plate Labeling Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
Several sizes of label stock available, all of which integrate with Computype Plate Labeler Automation Solutions You determine the label size and how much data is included Avoid force-fit off-the-shelf compromises
Automation includes barcode scanner Scans the barcode prior to plate application. Eliminate rework and bad product; account for every label at the end of a job Save plates!
Offers label placement accuracy of ± 0.35mm Ensures the barcode be applied in the correct place for readability and easy scanning Uninterrupted automation process
Multiple automation solutions The plate labeler can be customized to suit the needs and demands of your process Efficient implementation and integration


  • Save time and eliminate rework, with dependable labels that remain readable and affixed to ensure every well is accounted for
  • Increase productivity, dependable labels and automation enable personnel to concentrate on scientific activities
  • Add flexibility, choose from print-on-demand, pre-printed, automatic application, or even prelabeled plates provided by Computype, to suit your process and budget


Microwell Plate Labels key features

  • Label stock and ribbon carefully matched to resist solvents such as DMSO, methanol, isopropyl alcohol
  • Labels easily configured for desktop or industrial printers
  • Available in standard and custom sizes, and in color
  • Suitable for automatic application with the Computype Plate Labeler

Color Plate Labeling.jpg

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