Analytical and Quality Testing Laboratories.

Unlock the potential of your lab with Computype’s cost-effective labeling and identification solutions. Partnering with Computype supports your efforts to maximize the resources for your lab’s analytical and quality testing needs. We can ensure sample integrity throughout any laboratory workflow and support increased asset visibility and monitoring.

Analytical and quality testing applications.

Chemical Analysis

Pharmaceuticals, textiles, petroleum, food, and water – today, analytical chemistry supports research, development, and quality assurance in nearly every industry. Our identification and tracking resources can help manage the intake, processing, testing, and data management and tracking of different samples to detect contaminants, formulate active ingredients, and understand product or material failure.

Forensic Analysis

Frrom DNA analysis and forensic toxicology to trace analysis and drug identification, our services can help your laboratory maintain a robust chain of custody with immutable data. Increase transparency and deliver accurate, defensible results with traceability resources from Computype.

Microbiology Testing

From pre-identified sample vials for test kits to sample management software – our resources can help support methodical sample and data management in your laboratory. Whether your lab helps protect food or personal care product safety, or drinking water or petroleum purity with microbiological testing and analysis, the identification and tracking solutions from Computype can help you do it with greater efficiency and reliability.

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Pre-Barcoded Labware.

Properly managing samples and specimens is critical for any laboratory environment. Computype has services available to support regulatory compliance, improve efficiency, and ultimately allow your scientists and experts to focus on their research goals—and less time prepping your labware. Pre-barcoded laboratory services allow you to receive your labware already labeled, tared, sorted, and kitted to your specifications. With this service you can experience significant time, budget, staffing, and inventory savings. Our flexible laboratory service program is the preferred choice for clinical diagnostic laboratories. In addition to barcoding and labeling, we can enhance your labware with functional markings like graduation lines on tubes, or color branded logos. You can also receive your labware pre-tared complete with a full tare weight report, and pre-sorted and packaged to your exacting specifications. Download our brochure below, or continue exploring this page to learn more.

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