Direct Mark Plugs are an offering within our READY Labware services portfolio and are Computype’s innovative solution for the ongoing challenge of storing cryo (frozen) samples. The current accepted method for applying barcodes to these samples is a wrap-around pressure sensitive label. The challenge is that, while engineered to withstand extended periods in liquid nitrogen storage, there is still an opportunity for failure. Furthermore, the vials being frozen, will inevitably have a layer of frost on the outside after having been in extreme cold environments for years. It is not unheard of to experience labels that detach from their containers altogether, resulting in unidentifiable samples.

An important advantage of the direct mark plug innovation is that samples do not have to be removed from their cold environments in order for them to be applied. The 2D-marked plugs are friction fit to the bottom of the vial in any environment, preventing them from the possibility of ever becoming disassociated with the corresponding sample. Once vials have these plugs, samples are able to be scanned from the bottom, which causes the least amount of damage to samples due to heat or thawing. This way, the integrity of the sample is not compromised.

Knowing that each process and workflow is unique, Computype specializes in tailoring solutions specific to the application. Direct Mark Plugs expand this capability by allowing barcoding on almost any plastic vial. They do not come in one specific size and can be designed to fit a customer’s existing vial and a variety of similar size vials.

These plugs also offer customers two features in regards to retro labeling or relabeling projects. First, they are now able to apply the barcoded plug plug to their existing samples that may need a new barcode or label. This means Computype is able to duplicate the linear barcode that is already on the vial, and apply a corresponding 2D code to the plug before friction-fitting. Second, they are able to order new vials with the plug already inserted so any future samples will have the barcode in the same, preferred place. READY Labware Service Direct Mark Plugs have provided users with time and dollar savings as well as solving the difficult problem of labels falling off over time.

In addition to these innovative Direct Mark Plugs, READY Labware services consists of other tangible benefits including labware procurement, pre-identified/barcoded containers, tare weighing, and custom kitting/packing. Many large global pharmaceutical companies put their trust in Computype’s READY Labware Services as it is proven to save costs, time, and improve sample management.

Direct Mark Plugs Application

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