Belt and Rubber Products.

Deliver high-quality results by prioritizing accuracy, efficiency, and image quality with experience and dedication from Computype. We help with data integrity while reducing downtime and scrapped inventory. Our rubber marking solutions were developed specifically to address the challenges and goals rubber product manufacturers often face. 

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An in-house print solution that reduces the amount of screen printing and storage of pre-printed inventory, while expanding the color range and imaging options available to your customers.


A cost-effective and quick turnaround rubber printing solution that streamlines your rubber manufacturing process while sparing unnecessary costs.


Computype’s identification and tracking options can save you time and effort while cutting back on labeling costs.

Rubber belt marking solutions.

Pre-Printed Rubber Marking Film

Boost efficiency and enhance image quality while reducing excess inventory. Digital print technology offers increased image resolution, greatly expanded color matching and variable formatting capable of printing photo-realistic imagery on rubber, our world-class digital print technology goes above and beyond the needs of most applications.

Print On-Demand Rubber Marking Film

When you need to accommodate quick changes in data, barcodes or brand representation, a print on-demand strategy is the best approach. Our Print On-demand Rubber Marking Films utilize thermal transfer print technology for its durability and efficiency. After a consultation with our experts, your films will arrive pre-matched with a compatible ribbon to optimize performance based on your specific processes. A range of ribbon colors are available, including custom and dual color options.

Rubber Marking Printer

Specifically modified by our engineers to endure the strenuous rubber belt manufacturing environment and effectively print on clear transfer film. This system serves as a reliable in-house alternative to pre-printed films or silk screening that is capable of quickly adapting to changes in imaging needs, reducing inventory and labor.

Complex requirements, meet combination strategy.

Partially Pre-printed + Print On-demand

Sometimes a print on-demand strategy is necessary, which is why we engineered the Rubber Marking Printer. Digitally printed films can be ordered partially pre-printed, with space to add last minute information – such as bar codes or matrix codes – on-demand using thermal transfer technology. Include valuable data on your rubber without sacrificing brand representation or overcomplicating the process.

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