Biopharma Tracking and Identification Services.


From drug discovery to stem cell research our solutions support biopharma research in every setting.
Whether your lab is developing a new drug, biologic, or biomedical methodology – our expertise in labeling and tracking underpins
dependable certainty through the most complex processes.

Biopharma fields and applications.

The field of biopharmaceuticals is constantly evolving and reaching new heights. These scientists are constantly focused on the unknown – striving to achieve medical advancements and make life-saving discoveries. Biotechnology is a complex space, with many moving parts, and although the discoveries are unknown – maintaining accurate, immutable data is vital.


Identifying and validating compounds for potential new medicines requires dedication and commitment from an entire network of laboratories and teams within the biomedical research domain. Though striving for a common goal, biopharmaceutical research and development requires resources and contributions coming from many different directions. Maintaining compliance, asset visibility, clear communication and proper record keeping is imperative to stay ahead.


Prevention, procedure, and product purity. In contrast with the well-defined nature of chemical drugs, biologics are a constantly moving target – evolving and expanding far too quickly to be clearly characterized. This progressive approach to medical intervention is complex and multifaceted, defined more by the process than by the final product. 


The complexity of this field requires advanced methodologies to support successful deployment – including a combination of analytical instrumentation, big data functionality, and well-defined procedures. Research and testing laboratories need resources to help convert their analyses into meaningful information that can support process improvements.

Biopharma research laboratory scientist

Biopharmaceutical Resource Management.

With stringent regulations and requirements governing biopharma research, accurately tracking critical assets is of the highest priority in every laboratory. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform provides an infrastructure that allows you to track critical assets digitally and physically via RFID and barcode identification. Our platform is a full-service, end-to-end traceability solution that can integrate into existing systems – incorporating item labels and tags, customized entry points, readers and scanners, and other data points. With this data collection, you can produce powerful intelligence and predictive analytics to inform decision making and promote efficiency and growth.

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