10 Things You Never Knew A Barcode Could Do: Part 2

10 Things You Never Knew A Barcode Could Do: Part 2

Barcode Basics | 22 August 2017

Posted by Lisa Sarvie

10 Things You Never Knew a Barcode Could Do_ Part 2

Barcodes can help track processes in numerous ways. From managing WIP and complimenting workflow automation to data management and withstanding harsh environments, barcodes play a vital role in process management. However, did you know that when expertly implemented, barcode systems also provide a variety of business improvements?


1. Improve Efficiencies 

Through Smart Process Planning and a facility walkthrough with a Label Pro, streamlining labeling processes can help boost overall efficiencies. Stringent quality measures taken by your chosen label supplier are a sure fire way of ensuring improved processes, reducing waste, and eliminating the risk of potential duplicates.

2. Reduce Errors 

data management services, sequence management,  and Vision System quality checks can ensure unique identification, scannability, and duplicate-free labeling, ensuring scannable and accurate barcodes every time. 

3. Eliminate Waste

If properly barcoded and tracked, assets are utilized while producing zero waste. Through automation and print-on-demand capabilities – printing what you need and no more, in addition to having guaranteed scannable barcoding, makes waste virtually obsolete.

4. Improve Branding

With the ability to print color product information or logos onto the labels themselves, brand positioning is improved – providing a pristine identifier of your brand and product. Automatic label applicators ensure labels are applied to assets consistently and precisely for professional retailing applications.

5. Increase Throughput

Labeling automation provides the ability to apply labels twice as fast as compared to manual processes. When precisely and accurately barcoded, assets are easily able to move through automated systems, ensuring efficient and accurate throughput.

6. Reduce Costs

The more accurate a system is from its inception, the fewer resources, labor, and budget is required later on. Reduced errors, loss prevention and reduced labor not only ensures a timely delivery of product, but also reduces spend. Additionally, automation and label outsourcing services dramatically reduce labor spend when staffing costs are not dedicated to manually applying labels.

7. Reduce Labor

With automation more prevalently used across industries and businesses, barcodes are no exception. Automatic label applicators mean there is no longer the need to hand apply barcode labels or manually track products, reducing time and money spent on the laborious details of asset tracking. Additionally, strategic label suppliers offer service programs that enable outsourcing of labeling all together, thus essentially eliminating all labor associated with labeling.

8. Loss Prevention

Barcodes assist with quality measures and data management to ensure scannability throughout the business process. Smart label hybrids containing an RFID chip are scannable without visibility of the label itself. Also, RFID hybrid labels have the ability to connect to data management systems with read/write capabilities, therefore reducing loss of product.

9. Decreased Liability

Processes like screen printing are known for their harsh chemicals that can result in undesirable medical claims related to those harsh working environments. New technologies have assisted with these issues to include on-demand identification and labeling options without the harsh chemical processes of the past. Additionally, liability costs for repetitive strain injuries are dramatically reduced when utilizing automatic label applicators as employees are not manually applying labels.

10. Reduced Administrative Work

Service programs enable outsourcing to save on costs associated with hand-labeling, internal processes, and reduce procurement.

New technological advances happen daily - this means more business benefits. Strategic barcode systems continue to produce more benefits that improve processes, productivity, quality assurance, efficiency, tracking, and assist in cost reduction efforts.


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