Best Tire Tread Label Automation System Providers of 2020

Best Tire Tread Label Automation System Providers of 2020

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Posted by Simon Boddy

Best tire tread automation system providers of 2020

s custom tire tread label automation, Chromaffix, is an all-inclusive automatic label applicator system that was intricately engineered to include all components in the tire tread labeling process. Although we are confident in our systems capabilities to expedite and simplify your tread label application processes, we recognize that we are not the only option in this space, and that label automation is relatively new to tire manufacturing.

Manual processing is how 80% of tire manufacturers are accomplishing the task of labeling today. However, automatic label application is more accurate and efficient, so it might be time for your tire manufacturing plant to consider adopting a tread label automation strategy

Read our blog post to find out four inconsistencies   that can be solved with tread label automation Customers looking to switch often ask us, “Who else can provide systems like this?” There are few, but Computype strives to be upfront and honest with our customers, and for that reason, we wanted to share the companies that offer the best tire tread label automation.  



Location: Barbatain, Spain, EU 
Founded: 1910 

Albeniz has devoted many years working with tire manufacturers to develop an automatic labeling applicator. As a result, they currently have two working tire tread label automation systems:  

A-SUN T: This automation minimizes tire tread labeling cycle time, while accurately labeling the tire and maintaining reliable quality.  

AST 4.0: This system is the new version with improved productivity, nonstop printing and applying of labels, requiring minimum manual work for the operator.  

New Jersey Machine  

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada 
Founded: 1915 

New Jersey Machine is an industry leader in equipment manufacturing. With 100 years in the industry, they have excelled in innovation, including the tire manufacturing space.  

Their tire tread labeling system is the Model 401X FINALTOUCH  Print and Apply Label Applicator. This product is versatile, repetitive, and allows for quick format changeovers; additionally, it features accurate and reliable long-life operation for harsh environments.  


Location: Rheinbreitbach, Germany, EU 
Founded: 1980 

Weber Marking Systems is a segment of Bluhm-Weber that is experienced in developing, producing, and selling highly efficient labeling and coding systems for industrial marking.  

The product they offer to tire manufacturers is the Legi-Air Tyre. This fast, accurate, and safe tire label automation is easy to integrate into any existing production process and is accompanied with the offer for custom, pressure-sensitive tire tread labels specifically designed for different types of tires.  

The Poling Group: 

Location: Akron, OH, USA 
Founded: 1978 

The Poling Group’s Tread Label Applicator (TLA) alleviates the issues that surround tire tread labeling such as labor intensive work, government regulations, and high component parts costs. The TLA has centralized software that enables the tire tread labeling process to be more efficient and less costly. 

Manual Labeling 

As mentioned above, manual labeling is the most common means of tire tread label application right now. This is always an option for your tire tread labeling processes; however, as technologies are improving, implementing the use of automation in your processes could keep your company innovative and technologically adept. Additionally, the move towards automatic label application will reduce human error, increase productivity, and improve safety in your manufacturing facility. 

Check out our in depth comparison of a manual   strategy vs. an automated strategy

As the use of tire label automation is rising in the industry, Computype wants you to be well aware of your options for tire tread labeling automation. These different companies and methods of labeling are all viable and functional options and ones that Computype, as a well-established label supplier, feels comfortable recommending to you.

Please contact our tire team if you would like to learn more about Chromaffix, our innovative tire tread label automation system, or check out this playlist to see it in action

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Simon Boddy

Simon Boddy is Computype’s Global Product Manager within our Industrial Business Unit. Based in our UK facility, he has worked closely with many global tire manufacturers to improve their processes and ensure accurate bead and tread labeling. Most recently, Simon played a large role in launching Computype’s new automated tread labeling system, Chromaffix.

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