Best Tire Tread Label Printers of 2020

Best Tire Tread Label Printers of 2020

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Posted by John Masica

Best Tire Tread Label Printers of 2020

After the decision has been made to print tire tread labels on-demand, we often get asked, “What are the best tire tread label printers and how do I know which is right for me?” The answer to this question certainly depends on your specific work environment, as well as the needs of your specific organization.

Here at Computype, we offer more than just tire tread labels, we also offer a variety of tread label printers to ensure that your in-house label printing processes are optimized and meet the demands of your application, budget, and throughput.

Different printers have different capabilities and printing technologies that could better suit your needs. There are 2 different types of print technologies available for the printing of tire tread labels:

  • Thermal Transfer
    • Thermal transfer print technology uses heat to transfer the ribbon to the label material. This is a good print technology for organizations with a need to print one color and the flexibility to print on-demand. Certain thermal transfer printers are RFID capable, as well. Additionally, a prominent usage of thermal transfer print technology in the industry has been through print engines, which are printers incorporated onto larger applicators. These printers are ideal for high-volume industrial applications.
  • Inkjet
    • Inkjet printing technology uses ink and is more prominently used for printing in color. Additionally, inkjet print technology is functional if the labels you need to print exceed the size limitations of thermal transfer printers. Similar to thermal transfer printers, some inkjet printers may also have RFID capabilities.

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Regardless of technology, below are examples (in no specific order) of printers that we believe to be top of the line for on-demand tire tread label printing.


1. TSC CPX4 Series

TSC CPX4 Series PrinterThe TSC CPX4 Series printer is a great printer if you want to incorporate color into your tire tread labels. With the ability to print at high speed, this is also a suitable printer for high-volume applications. This printer series is functional through inkjet print technology, allowing for customized label design and high resolution quality.

The CPX4 series allows for a wide range of label widths from 1”-4.72” granting your business flexibility in the applications. Additionally, with this printer comes a one-year warranty should you experience any issues.

2. TSC MX240P Series

TSC MX240P SeriesThe TSC MX240P Series is a top of the line printer for generating tire tread labels. This printer series uses thermal transfer print technology and produces high quality print.

Fit for high volume printing, this is a perfectly functional printer for a tire manufacturer, as throughput is typically thousands of tires per day.

3Sato CLNX Series

Sato CL4NXThe Sato CLNX Series is unique from the other printers, as it is a 2D label printer, but it also RFID capable. It comes in three different DPI options to determine how small and clear it can print.

This printer is very durable, and has great print quality. With the RFID functionality, the Sato CLNX printer will confirm that it is able to write to the tag or barcode before printing; should there be an issue, it will show an error on the printer screen.

Download the Spec Sheet for All the Details

4. cab SQUIX

Cab Squix

The cab SQUIX barcode label printer combines innovation, ease of use, accuracy, reliability, quality and speed into one label printer. This is an industrial printer that is well-suited for labels like tire tread labels, and prints in black and white through thermal transfer technology.

A great feature on this printer is it has an interactive screen, similar to an iPhone that provides video instructions for how to stock your printer, clean your print head, and print labels. Another benefit of the cab SQUIX printer is that there is an adapter where you can add a cutter piece, or a peel and present, both of which provide time savings.

Watch our detailed review video here >

5. cab Print Module PX

Cab Print Module PXThe cab Print Module PX is another print engine that is prepared for industrial use and precise printing onto your tread labels. This is a highly reliable printer that has proven easy to maintain during its long life. This specific print engine is designed for fully automatic print and apply operation, which is beneficial for high volume applications.

The design of this print engine is solid and easy for operators to use. Resolution options range from 203dpi-600dpi with speeds ranging from 100 mm/s-300m/s. An additional benefit to this printer is there are both right and left hand options, allowing flexibility for your operators.

6. Datamax (sub. Honeywell) M-Class Mark II

The M-Class Mark II tread label printer is a compact industrial printer that is able to fit just about anywhere in your facility. Despite its compact size, this printer is able to keep up with high demand applications with its high speed capabilities.

This versatile printer is one of the most affordable options for tread label printing due to its compact size and simple components, however it has proved more than functional for tire tread label printing.

7. Datamax (sub. Honeywell) I-Class Mark II

The Datamax I-Class Mark II is in the family is mid-range industrial barcode printers. Like the M-Class Mark II, it is capable of standing up to high-speed, high-demand label applications. This printer proves extremely durable and a good fit if you are in need of a high-productivity piece of equipment.

This printer is loaded with features such as large memory, various communication ports, and the ability to integrate different components and process with ease.

8. Datamax (sub. Honeywell) H-Class

In addition to high quality printing, the Datamax H-Class printer series offers the industry’s largest graphical display. This allows for operators to have a constant easy-to-read view of what is being printed, as well as printer settings and notifications.

The Datamax H-Class series also has options for use in RFID applications. This is allowed through industry-leading processors that increase data throughput immensely. Another cool feature of this printer is it has an internal rewind that proves extra convenient in tire tread label printing applications.

9. Zebra ZE500 Print Engine

Zebra ZE500 Print EngineThe Zebra ZE500 is another print engine that Computype highly recommends. Throughout our years in tire tread label manufacturing, we have come to find print engines very useful due to their industrial build and high speed capabilities. This specific print engine was built to focus on ease of use, integration, and servicing.

This print engine is built to be constantly running for critical print-and-apply applications. In addition, this piece is very easy to set up and integrate into your already established processes, and easy to customize to your specific business needs.

10. Zebra ZT400 Series Industrial Printers

Zebra ZT400 SerieThe Zebra ZT400 Series is a series of RFID printers that are built to serve your company now and in the future with its innovative technology capabilities. This printer is suitable for mid- to high-volume applications and has proven functional for tire tread label printing.

Additionally, these versatile printers are easy to integrate, manage, and maintain right from your facility. The easy to use color display is a renowned quality of this printer as well.

Check out our review for an in-depth look at the entire ZT Series

11. Zebra ZT510 Industrial Printer

Zebra ZT510 Industrial PrinterThe Zebra ZT510 Industrial printer was an upgrade to the Zebra 105SL printer, keeping the core features needed for tread label printing, but with a more durable design.

24/7 reliability comes with this printer, as it fit to be running at all times and at high speeds to not only reduce, but eliminate downtime in your plant. No matter your environment, the Zebra ZT510 printer can survive and thrive as your tire tread label printer.

12. Zebra ZT600 Series Industrial Printer

Zebra ZT600The ZT600 Series printer offers a user friendly platform easy to integrate into any line in your facility. Additionally, this printer is ready to take on the future, with many additional technology and integration capabilities. This printer is also capable of running 24/7 with sharp, clear quality on your tread labels.

With the Link-OS software included in this printer, you will also be able to update this equipment as updates are released from right inside your facility.

Download the ZT 600 Spec Sheet for More Details

13. Epson 7500G/C7500

Epson C7500Epson printers are printers run by inkjet print technology. This allows for full color to be printed on your labels. The Epson C7500 and 7500G printers, specifically, are extremely fast and provide very clean, clear color.

This is a good printer for you if you want to print your tread labels in color and often; if you do not run frequently, maintenance uses up a lot of ink. Hundreds of label formats are able to be uploaded to the printer, and changeover is easy and infrequent, as ink cartridges are large.

The only difference between the Epson 7500G and C7500 is that the 7500G prints on glossy material, and the C7500 prints matte.

Watch our detailed review video here >

14. Chromaffix Print and Apply Tire Tread Label Automation System

Chromaffix Print and Apply Tire Tread Label Automation SystemChromaffix is Computype’s print and apply tire tread label automation system that has the ability to drastically increase throughput and accuracy in your plant. The system works by scanning the bead label, using that information to print the correct tire tread label through thermal transfer print technology with a Zebra print engine, and then automatically and precisely applies the label to the tire tread.

Labels themselves are typically partially pre-printed in advance to include color templates, with variable black and white information printed on-demand via Chromaffix.

Want to see the Chromaffix unit in action? Check out this playlist!

We hope that you now have the basic knowledge to help determine the right tread label printer for you and your business. Computype has over 40 years of industry experience and has extensive knowledge of barcode label printers and their capabilities. Additionally, we have experts that focus exclusively on both tire tread labeling applications and label printers, and would be more than happy to offer you their input and support.

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