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How Much Does A Tire Bead Label Applicator Cost?

Tire, Tire Label Automation | 2 January 2019

Posted by Simon Boddy

How much does a tire bead label applicator cost

Tire bead label applicators are productive pieces of equipment to house in your manufacturing facility to boost accuracy and efficiency associated with barcode label application. But first thing is first, how do they work? Bead label applicators will be placed in your manufacturing workflow—they will have pre-printed bead labels input into the system, and will then automatically and precisely apply the labels to green rubber or formed tires. There are various forms of bead label applicators and while they may slightly vary in functionality, they all work to streamline barcode and labeling workflows in the tire manufacturing plant.

As mentioned above, there are various options out on the market, but the applicators that Computype offers and endorses are the LA3100 and LA3200 bead label applicators. While at the end of the day, these two pieces of equipment are both tire bead label applicators, they have slightly different functions.

A common question we get as the supplier of these tire bead label applicators is, “How much do these tire bead label applicators cost?”

Well, as with most customizable products, this depends on both the process specifications your facility requires, as well as the implementation process that fits your business best. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of what these bead label applicators cost, and the impact they will have on your tire manufacturing facility.

LA3100 Tire Bead Label ApplicatorLA3100 Bead Label Applicator:

The LA3100 bead label applicator is designed to apply a bead barcode label to an already molded tire by tamping the label to the mold to ensure it stays precisely placed throughout the manufacturing process.

Automatic label applicators like Computype’s LA3100 ensure that consistent placement of the bead label is achieved in your plant. As you can imagine, with a high throughput environment like tire manufacturing comes fast-paced work that requires precision as quick scanning and movement throughout the process is necessary. Automation like the LA3100 bead label applicator allow for that fast paced environment, while preserving those elements of accuracy and precision.

LA3200 Bead Label Applicator:

LA3200 Tire Bead Label Applicator

Similar to the LA3100, the LA3200 bead label applicator applies labels to the bead of the tire. However, there are a few important differences to address with these two pieces of bead label automation. While the LA3100 tamps the label to an already molded tire, the LA3200 is designed to apply a pre-printed barcode label to the ribbon of material before the tire has been molded.

This product was designed this way since most tire manufacturing plants have a limited amount of unused space, so the LA3200 is designed to be installed behind the molding machine where there is small enough room for a piece of equipment with no operators. In addition to that, this system is also great for consistent precision placement of the bead barcode labels onto the green tire.

Can Automatic Bead Label Application Save Budget?

Manually applying your bead labels can be an arduous task. Oftentimes the cost of a bead label applicator will be far less expensive than the time, labor, and error costs associated with manual application. 

The streamlining of processes is becoming more and more sought after, especially in manufacturing plants. In an industry as crucial as tire manufacturing, this is even more prevalent. It is necessary to keep your company updated by adopting the ideas of the future such as automation and technology. The reduction of human error along with the fast, reactive automation equipment is the new way of tire manufacturing plants, and tire bead barcode label applicators make these processes easier, more efficient, and more sustainable for you and your business.

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After all is said and done, you can reference the table below to see the final price breakdown of the two tire bead barcode label applicators.

Tire Bead Label Applicator

Cost Variables

Starting Price

LA3100 Bead Label Applicator

Cost will depend on process-specific specifications, as well as the implementation process


LA3200 Bead Label Applicator

Cost will depend on company specific specifications, as well as the implementation process


In regards to tire bead barcode applicators, we think that either of these pieces of equipment will be highly functional in your manufacturing plant. While there is an initial cost justification needed, bead label applicators have proven to last many years working at full strength. Additionally, the payback of implementing automation in the facility typically occurs rather quickly as efficiency, accuracy, and throughput are so drastically improved.

To learn more about the quick payback of automation, check out our automation expense justification formula.

The ease of implementation and integration also makes these very adequate products leaving our customers satisfied right off the bat. This machinery can be integrated almost anywhere and accomplish the rightful tasks immediately.

Visit our bead label automation page to learn more about these tire bead barcode label applicators.

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Simon Boddy

Simon Boddy is Computype’s Global Product Manager within our Industrial Business Unit. Based in our UK facility, he has worked closely with many global tire manufacturers to improve their processes and ensure accurate bead and tread labeling. Most recently, Simon played a large role in launching Computype’s new automated tread labeling system, Chromaffix.