How Much Do Tire Tread Labels Cost?

How Much Do Tire Tread Labels Cost?

Tire, Tire Labeling, Cost & Planning | 3 December 2018

Posted by Simon Boddy

How much do tire tread labels cost

Tire tread labels are the labels that are located on the tread of a tire and are a required identification method for distribution and retailing purposes. Typically, these labels are designed to both support brand presentation and comply with consumer awareness regulations, communicating information related to tire specifications and safety.

As a tire tread label manufacturer, Computype often gets asked questions related to price. For that reason, we have addressed the following questions in this article:

How much do tread labels typically cost?

What variables affect the price?

Tire Tread Label

How Much Do Tire Tread Labels Cost?

Similar to most customizable products, the final price of your tread label will depend on your unique brand standards and specifications. Sources of variability will likely include the following:

  • Materials you decide to use
  • Method and process of printing
  • Volume
  • Application method
  • Process you decide to utilize.

The primary label materials you decide to use will likely be either a polypropylene or polyester face stocks. Polyester is a more standard label material that has proven sufficient for tire tread labels. Polypropylene is a stronger material that does not absorb any liquid and is meant to have a more durable feel, typically resulting in a higher price. The face stock that best suits your application will play a role in impacting the final price.

Another determining factor when considering the price of your tread labels is the printing technology and method utilized in the manufacturing of the labels themselves. This depends on whether you decide to receive materials from a label supplier to print in-house on a tire-by-tire basis or if your tread labels will be manufactured and pre-printed or partially pre-printed by suppliers in a bulk order.

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Printing on Tire-by-Tire Basis In-House Vs Outsourcing Printing to a Label Supplier

Unlike outsourcing printing to label suppliers, some companies decide to simply receive blank labels and do most of the tread label printing themselves. This process typically requires a digital printer that uses toner to actually form a thin layer on the surface and then uses heat to adhere the image. Fast turnaround is a notable benefit of this method of printing, meaning that if there are smaller batches and various label designs, owning the printing responsibility in-house might be the most economical and efficient method for tread label production.

Other benefits of this process can include higher image quality and flexibility. The most telling difference between digital and flexographic printing, which is the method most manufacturers will use, is that digital printing has high cost of large run print jobs, while flexographic printing has very low cost of large run print jobs and little flexibility for switchovers.

Outsourcing label printing to a label supplier has proven to be a high-speed process that can be used for printing onto large quantities of labels. There are various benefits to allowing your label supplier to accomplish this task for you including enhanced durability, speed of production, low cost for large run jobs, and very importantly for tread labels, color precision. 

Typically, label manufacturers will use flexographic printing as their method for bulk printing to provide the simplest and least expensive option for pre-printing of tread labels.

Tire manufacturers typically take advantage of partially pre-printed color tread labels and then facilitate printing the black and white, variable information on-demand.

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The volume of tread labels you need will also play a role in determining the final price. The volume may also affect the method of printing used which will factor into price. As mentioned above, typically in high-volume applications, this task will be outsourced in order to accomplish this task quickly and simply. However, if the tread labels need to be more specific or customized, many organizations will choose to accomplish most of the printing in-house which will take more time and resources.

Application Method

How you decide to apply your tread labels to the tires in your plant will also have an effect on the price, whether it be manually or with tread label automation. Automation oftentimes requires corresponding tread labels to comply with the system.

Our fully automated print and apply tread labeling system requires tread labels to be specifically engineered in order to ensure the solution as a whole functions optimally. Ensuring that tread labels work in conjunction with automation specifically allows for guaranteed communication throughout the whole automation system.

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If you are looking to reevaluate spend as it relates to manufacturing of tread labels in your facility, an obvious factor when making the decision is cost. Tread labels tend to suggest higher cost than standard barcode labels due to the intensity and variability involved in the printing process with the addition of color.

Keep in mind that different suppliers will offer different prices, but from our experience in the industry, tire tread labels typically run from about $50-$60 per 1,000 labels. This price is derived from you receiving pre-printed, die-cut, and waste removed product ready for additional printing and/or application onto manufactured tires.

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