Introducing the Computype Digital Traceability Platform

Intelligent solutions for managing high-value assets.

We are excited to launch our new Digital Traceability Platform! Currently, tracking high-value assets across multiple systems and locations is a challenge. For years we’ve helped companies improve their identification and tracking with comprehensive solutions to manage assets which are key to public health, including blood samples, specimens, and potentially life-saving drugs within the B2B healthcare supply chain.

Recently, we’ve entered a partnership with to bring our customers the ability to track the digital life of key medical assets through the new Computype Digital Traceability Platform.

The platform is powered by, the connected product cloud by Avery Dennison which unlocks the power of connected products by assigning unique digital IDs to everyday items. This is already used to manage 22 billion items by organizations across the apparel, retail, food, and life sciences industries. 

Insightful data collection to enable proactive improvements.

Our connection with provides customers with an adaptable Digital Traceability Platform that can not only track critical assets, but inform decision makers and predict critical events like stock-outs and supply chain disruptions before they even happen.

Josh Miller, our Digital Technologies Director stated: “Decision makers don’t just need more data, they need insights to best run their operations. The partnership with means our customers can optimize their workflows around the digital life of their critical assets and help them reduce time, manage risk, drive workflow efficiencies, and provide analytics-driven improvements.”

Partnered solutions to support every customer.

Max Winograd, co-founder and vice president, connected products, Avery Dennison Smartrac adds: “Since we launched, interest in the platform has been phenomenal with wide appeal across a variety of segments. We now manage billions of items, many of which are perishable, life-or-death products, and need to be kept under precise conditions such as vaccine vials.

Our partnership with Computype and the introduction of their Digital Traceability Platform powered by will help numerous companies in the biopharmaceutical and life sciences segments reduce waste, improve product safety and make more sustainable choices. We’re excited for this powerful combination of a proven, world leading connected product cloud and an industry leader in comprehensive identification solutions.”


Meet the Digital Traceability Platform.

The Computype Digital Traceability Platform enables greater insight and control over inventory and assets to support the need to track, inform and predict. Specifically:

Track: Inventory control begins by keeping accurate track of each asset and event. By establishing a hierarchy of those events and making use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to ensure data can’t be disrupted, organizations can guarantee their assets will be properly identified and monitored.

Inform: Using customizable dashboards and visualizations, timely notifications, and aggregate reporting, organizations have control over their data points and information. Organizations can set up at-a-glance reporting opportunities and receive notifications to ensure they are kept up to date and aware of the status for each of their assets.

Predict: The digital traceability platform will help organizations promote data-driven improvements and identify growth opportunities by providing predictive analytics and metrics. Organizations can detect any anomalies in your supply chain, predict stock-out events, and analyze usage rates to eliminate guesswork and make proactive, analytical improvements.

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