What is a Vulcanized Tire Label (in Under 100 Words)

What is a Vulcanized Tire Label (in Under 100 Words)

Tire, 100 Words or Less, Tire Labeling | 13 March 2019

Posted by Paul Burlington

What is a Vulcanized Tire Label (in Under 100 Words)

Vulcanized tire labels are a type of bead barcode label that are applied to the bead of a tire prior to vulcanization. The label withstands the vulcanization process and remains attached to the tire.

Tire specific details such as date of manufacture, safety and performance ratings, etc. can be tracked using the barcode.

Additionally, tire vulcanization labels can function post manufacture. Some automated tread label systems source information from the barcode as tires pass integrated scanners—accessing variable data necessary to print the tread label.

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