What are READY Labware Services? 3 Reasons You Need to Know More About Barcode Outsourcing

What are READY Labware Services? 3 Reasons You Need to Know More About Barcode Outsourcing

Research & Diagnostics, Labware Marking | 3 July 2018

Posted by Dave Harris

What are READY Labware Services? 3 Reasons you Need to Know More About Barcode Outsourcing

As we heavily emphasize the benefits of this outsourcing program of ours, we are often asked “What are READY Labware Services?” In this blog, we will explain what this program entails, and how it has proven beneficial to our customers over the years.


With 40 years of experience in the labeling and barcoding industry, Computype realized that there was an opportunity to optimize the process of labeling and barcoding for healthcare companies. This is when we developed READY Labware Services, which is a barcoding outsourcing program where your labware is delivered to you:


  • Already procured- Your tubes and containers are sourced to your specifications by Computype, relieving your lab of the pressure and time-consuming task. Through not having to inventory your own labware, you will save time, space, and your process can be kept efficient. 

  •  Already barcoded- Computype handles all components of the labeling and barcoding process. We manage your sequences, ensure no duplicates, and deliver accurately barcoded containers to suit your specified needs. 

  • Already tared- Our goal is to relieve your skilled staff of tedious tasks, and leave them to do their intended professional work. Your labware is delivered to you already tare weighed, and we provide an output file for easy reference in your lab.

  • Already Packaged- Finally, your labware can be safely and carefully packaged before delivery. Custom packing and kitting services allow your labware to be ready for use upon delivery, based on you or your customers’ specifications.

Not only is the labware pre-barcoded, tared, and packaged, but it is ready to withstand your storage conditions and testing processes. We supply three different types of labels with this program: pressure sensitive labels, Direct Mark for glass or plastic, and ceramic ID- each has their own benefits and applications.

READY Labware services provides labs with a convenient and cost-effective alternative to hand-labeling and a potential alternative to investing in label automation themselves. As barcode and labeling outsourcing programs are not common in the industry, it is important that as your company continues to grow, you are aware of this as an option. The overall process in a lab can be altered for the better with a program like READY Labware Services; here are three situations that might be resolved through outsourcing:

1. Your company is experiencing incredible growth and cannot keep up with labeling

This is a common scenario for companies that decide to seek out an outsourcing program. Your business and employees do not specialize in the labeling of labware, so spending large amounts of time on this task can seem to be a waste of resources. Especially when your company is experiencing great growth, it is necessary that you spend more time on your laboratory processes, and less on the repetitive task of labeling.

On top of that, in a lab, it is necessary that labeling is done correctly and precisely; it is hard to guarantee that with manual labor as precision is compromised, which can have a long-standing effect on the entire process of your lab. If the data required on your labels is not real-time and can be predetermined, outsourcing is a great option for you. If your barcodes require information like date and lot codes, you can still expedite the process and boost accuracy through implementation of label automation.

2. A ‘normal’ label will not accommodate the needs of the job

Another challenge that is common across the healthcare industry is that oftentimes samples will need to be kept in harsh environments or will need to endure harsh chemicals. A ‘normal’ label that you typically use may not be an option. This is another scenario where READY Labware services could prove beneficial for your business.

READY Labware services comes with the option for 3 different types of labels: pressure sensitive label, Direct Mark suitable for both glass and plastic, and ceramic ID label.

The pressure sensitive label is your ‘normal’ hand-applied label that is absolutely functional, but may not be able to stand up to your processes. Direct Mark for glass or plastic containers are barcode labels that are fused onto your labware using proprietary Direct Mark technology. This allows for permanence of labels onto your labware, in addition to precision placement, and the ability to endure harsh environments. Finally, ceramic ID labels are fired onto glass tubes or vials, which permanently bonds the two. This product is able to endure extreme harsh environments or treatments, as well as guarantees precision placement and accuracy. Both Direct Mark and ceramic technologies are only available through an outsourcing program.

These three types of barcodes labels provide the insurance that you will not be compromising the integrity of the samples that are processed through your lab.

3. Your company needs to add color or other identifiers to your labware

If you need to include your company logo, GHS requirements, or graduation lines onto your labware, READY Labware services allows for that flexibility.


There are many benefits of outsourcing that will ease the pressure of the monotonous tasks in your lab, and let your employees spend their time working on more important, cost effective tasks. As a trusted partner of many established labs, we are aware of the standard procedures, regulations, and effective solutions to best help you. We work based on your needs, and ensure you a solution that frees your time and offers you quality barcoded and labeled labware.

An outsourcing program is a beneficial option if you are looking to increase throughput, decrease the amount of high-skilled workers in low-skill roles, decrease inevitable human errors, and increase data management.

READY Labware services has proven helpful and efficient in our customers’ processes, and we would love to expand this program into your lab. Click here to read our case study to hear about how one of the largest cell and DNA repositories in the world used READY Labware services to make improvements in their processes. 


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