Who are the Best Microwell Plate Label Automation Suppliers of 2021?

Who are the Best Microwell Plate Label Automation Suppliers of 2021?

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Posted by Dave Harris

BesWho are the Best Microwell Plate Label Automation Suppliers of 2021?

In our effort to help labs increase the accuracy and efficiency of their processes, we have teamed up with automated equipment manufacturers to create both custom and off the shelf label automation options that work with our specially engineered labels. Among our automated solution offerings are five standard microwell plate labelers and fully customized options.Manual application is still a very common approach to labeling, but as the healthcare industry grows at alarming rates, so do expectations. Automation is growing in popularity as labs seek opportunities to keep up with and exceed expectations.

When speaking with customers about their options for automating their labeling process, we are often asked “where else can I find microwell plate label automation?” Though we do want to promote our own offerings, we understand our products aren’t always the best match for everyone and recognize the value our competitors may offer to labs.

Here is a list of companies (in no particular order) who also offer microwell plate label automation that we feel are worth considering during your search for the ideal labware labeling solution:



Agilent is an innovative solutions provider and supplier of lab related instruments, consumables and more. They offer two automated microwell plate labeling solutions, the Microplate Barcode Labeler and the BenchCel Workstation.


Scinomix is a provider of laboratory automation, specializing in their niche for over 18 years. They have a standard product line that includes two microwell plate labelers, the Sci-Print MP2 and the Sci-Print MP2+. Both of which are able to be altered to better meet customer needs.

Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena provides analysis devices and automated laboratory equipment, for labs in a variety of fields. Their line of microwell plate labelers includes the CyBio QuadPrint L and the CyBio QuadPrint M.

Hudson Robotics

Hudson Robotics is a New Jersey based leader in laboratory robotics. They mainly focus on providing equipment to labs in the life science fields including drug discovery, clinical research and pharmaceutical development. Among their line of robotic equipment is one microwell plate labeler known as the Hudson PA1000.

What about Computype?

As we mentioned previously, we have our own offerings in this area, both standard and custom.

Our house brand of plate labelers is called the Eclipse series. There are 3 Eclipse models which offer varying levels of operator involvement. Additionally, we offer cab’s Hermes Q and S3200 printer/applicators—extremely user and budget friendly options.

Lastly, we have recently introduced Analytik Jena’s automation to our portfolio. By combining their CyBio QuadPrint system with the QuadStack, we can provide labs with high processing demands a walkaway labeling and stacking solution.

It should be noted that while we call these products “standard” any one of them can be further customized to suit more specific needs. You can check out all of our standard offerings here

For more specialized or extremely high volume applications we can also work with our automation partners to produce fully customized plate labeling systems.

As expectations and demand rise in the healthcare industry it’s important labs keep up in both speed and accuracy, luckily automation allows labs to optimize both. All of the automation suppliers listed above are companies we feel comfortable recommending to you as a trusted source in the automation and labeling industry.

Of course, we would still like to chat if you have any questions regarding our products, so please give us a call if you have any questions!

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