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High Performing DIN Label Sets for any Budget

Aiming to reduce label spend without compromising quality? No problem- we’ve got multiple DIN options for just this reason.

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Wishing you had just one more label on that set? DIN label replicators provide flexibility to easily create barcode replicas.

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ISBT 128 Labeling

Print ISBT 128-compliant labels easily and economically with single-sourced materials and equipment. 

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Looking for a way to manage the cost of your Donation Identification Number Label Sets?

Learning ways to reduce overall costs in blood banks is one of the most frequently asked questions from our customers, and controlling the cost of your DIN sets can go a long way.

One of our most experienced solutions managers, Bruce Wray, is here to teach you 3 of the most significant ways you can reduce the price of your DIN sets.


ICCBBA Licensed Vendor

You re-designed your Donation Identification Number (DIN) label set to accommodate ISBT 128 and haven’t thought much about it since then—right? A modification to that design optimized for current procedures might save some money and improve your workflow.

Bruce Wray - Market Manager, Healthcare Blood Banks Bruce Wray


3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your DIN Sets

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3 Ways to Reduce Overall Blood Labeling Costs in 2020

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