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DIN Label Replicator

Donation Identification Number (DIN) Label Replicator

Made for unique situations that require more blood labels than your DIN sets allow

Whether you need to reprint an existing DIN label or just make a copy, the DIN Label Replicator is the perfect solution for you

Simply scan an existing label and the DIN Label Replicator’s system generates a replica.

It is the ideal solution when you need another DIN label – for donor/patient records or confirmatory testing.

DIN Label Replicator


  • The inexpensive and efficient solution for replicating DIN labels
  • Gain a complete solution, with a compact stand-alone barcode printer and scanner in one
  • Easily replicate Codabar and ISBT 128 barcodes
  • Generate new barcodes, by adding the keyboard device for easy manual entry of unit details
  • Reduce errors, when ensuring proper chain of custody

DIN replicator label designs

Key Features

  • Stock label sizes available to suit Codabar or ISBT 128 codes
  • Small, inexpensive stand-alone unit
  • Customized units available to meet specialized needs
  • Labels are quick and easy to load
  • Optional extra keyboard device available for manually entering unit data and generating new or tailored barcodes

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