din label sets

Donation Identification Number (DIN) Label Sets

Sequence verified and color-coded barcode labels for precise and accurate blood labeling

Ensure consistency and accuracy in blood labeling with Donation Identification Number Label Sets.

Computype is responsible for producing more sequentially-numbered barcode DIN label sets for blood product identification than any other supplier.

Our technologies and systems are proven to perform for all kinds of blood centers, worldwide. Trusted blood bank label solutions for the most critical tracking process.

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What Can Computype DIN Sets Do For You?

  • No more force-fitting—at Computype there is no pre-defined list of standard labels and layouts; instead, we work with you to tailor your set design to your facilities needs and budget.

  • Gain certainty when your sets are scanned with our proven software and Vision System technology, ensuring sequence integrity and eliminating duplicate labels.

  • Find an economic answer as the only blood label supplier that also manufactures our own adhesive, we can keep your costs down and your options open.


Every label in all of your DIN sets will be scanned and verified by our vision system to ensure all barcodes are readable and there are no duplicates. By scanning your barcodes before they even get to you we can provide an extra level of quality and safety assurance.

In transfusion medicine, duplicate labels can lead to dangerous situations. We strive to help you improve the safety of your samples in every way we can so you can perform the life-saving work you do every day, without worry.

Customization Options

DIN set options




Static or Variable

Add color-coding to your strategy for at-a-glance identification


Fully customizable

Choose the format best suited for your center’s purposes and budget

Flag characters


Increase process control when you’re utilizing multiple applications of the same DIN with customizable flag characters

Adhesive options

2 compliant options

2 FDA compliant and trustworthy options to choose from depending on your preferred label materials and budget

Customizing your DIN sets offers a number of benefits to your facility and can even help you reduce costs. Check out our video to find out how!

Adhesive Options

FDA Compliant Adhesive Options



The original de facto standard DIN label adhesive that has been used in the North American blood bank community for over 15 years. Available only from Computype.


A new product using the same adhesive formulation that has proven to work for ABO and vial bar code labels.  Available only from Computype.

How much do DIN Label Sets Cost?

Our DIN sets tend to run between $0.15 and $0.45 each, which we recognize is a broad range. Three main factors go into the cost of your DIN label sets: design, materials, and your purchasing agreement. Here at Computype we offer a variety of materials, multi-year agreements and design options to help customers find the best suited solution to their processes, with budget in mind.

1. Design


Typically, larger sets cost more than smaller sets since more materials are necessary for their creation. This is why it’s important to occasionally take an in-depth look at your DIN label sets and how they are used.

When creating your set you also may want to ask if your supplier has any recommendations on what you can do to create a more budget-friendly design.

Additionally, if you notice certain labels on your sets are frequently going unused, but you still need that extra label every once in a while you can still alter your design. In this case it might be time to add a DIN Replicator to your strategy. A DIN Replicator allows you to scan a label in your set and print a replica as needed. By printing additional labels only as needed you can reduce the size of your DIN sets, hence reducing waste and costs.

2. Materials

DIN label sets are typically double adhesive, which means there are two layers of adhesive and two release liners. Though double adhesive DIN sets are incredibly useful, the increased number of materials increases the variation in price.

Take some time to evaluate the materials involved in your DIN label sets and how they align with your budget and your processes. If you find there are lower cost material alternatives investigate whether or not they will stand up to the processes your samples will endure from phlebotomy to distribution.

Though lower-cost materials can lead to savings, they can also lead to loss if they don’t align with your practices. Always take time to test and research your label’s compatibility with your processes prior to committing to a low cost strategy. We are here to help you find a label option that works with your processes. With years of experience supplying DIN sets to blood banks under our belt, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge and expertise to pass on to customers like you.

3. Purchasing Agreement

Multiyear agreements can provide your facility with a sense of security through consistency in source and supply, as well as price protection over an extended period of time.

At Computype, we reduce the selling price of our DIN label sets when multi-year agreements are in place. When we know a customer has agreed to purchase their DIN labels from us for, say, three years, we can then negotiate favorable pricing from component suppliers—primarily the double-adhesives—those savings are then passed on to you.

We strive to make your life easier, so we offer packages like this to ensure you have a guaranteed, cost-efficient solution for the future. This checks off a big box and allows you to focus on your business and your important life-saving missions.