ISBT 128 Blank Label Kits

ISBT 128 Blank Label Kits

Convenient and compliant blood labels for your in-house print strategy

Always in stock and ready to ship, ISBT 128 Blank Labels provide an ideal solution for blood banking facilities around the globe

Computype offers more choices than most suppliers in blank blood labels so you can get the most suitable size, material and ribbon for your needs.

A precision label and ribbon combination that fits your needs is already in stock, making high quality, durable printing performance immediately available to you.

isbt 128 blank label kit

Key Features

ISBT Blank Labels



Size Options

4”x4”, 4”x2”, 2”x2” or custom

Ready to ship standard options to meet your needs in a hurry, or customize for your more difficult to accommodate applications

Temperature Resistance

-65°F to 200°F

Our labels are able to withstand temperatures as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit so you can rest assured the integrity of your samples or donations will remain intact through testing and processing

Compliant with…

US FDA 21 & CFR 175, 105

Ensure the safety of your samples by purchasing compliant labels from a supplier trusted throughout the transfusion medicine industry

What Can ISBT 128 Blank Labels Do For You?

  • Integrate into your current system since these labels are suitable for use with all popular printers and software systems. Including: Sato, Zebra, Datamax, Wyndgate, MEDITECH, BBCS and more

  • Saves both time and budget as Computype is the largest supplier of blood labels and is trusted around the globe. All options are competitively priced and stocked for convenient re-ordering.

  • Ensure print quality and durability when your labels arrive in kits, pre-matched with the most compatible ribbon option.

  • Withstand storage procedures with labels that will remain intact when facing temperatures between -65 degrees Fahrenheit and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Do I Get When I Order an ISBT Label Kit from Computype?

✔️ Labels

Depending on your kit you will receive a specific number of rolls per kit and you may need to purchase several kits to accommodate your needs.

The number of rolls per kit varies due to varying roll size capacities in printers and varying label volume needs.

✔️ Ribbon

Enough ribbon to print on all of the labels in your kit will be provided.

✔️ Cleaning Cloth

As not only a label supplier, but a print solution supplier we know a thing or two about printer care and wellness. In an effort to help your printer and its components last as long as possible we recommend cleaning your printhead every time your media is replaced.

Read our 5 tips to keep your thermal transfer printer running at optimal  performance >

Looking For a Full Print Solution?

At Computype we believe in a full solution approach to labeling. Whether you want your labels printed by us, or you want to print in house, we want to take as many labeling worries off your plate as we can. Below are our recommendations:

Low-Medium Volume Facilities: Zebra ZD Series

To complete your low to medium volume in-house blood labeling solution, we recommend a printer from Zebra’s ZD Series. The ZD series is ideal for blood labeling applications with its compact size, ability to print widths up to 4 inches and user friendly interface. This printer series is also highly customizable with a range of optional features available on each of three base models, allowing you to find the most suitable print solution for your facility. You can find more information on the Zebra ZD Series here on our website.

Zebra ZD Series

Check out our review on the Zebra ZD printer series >

Medium-High Volume Facilities: Zebra ZT Series

For a complete in-house blood labeling solution in higher volume facilities, we recommend Zebra’s ZT Series. Most often we find the ZT 400 series is best suited to blood processing facilities, but we do offer the full range if there are specific needs to be met. The ZT 400 series’ ability to handle high volume printing, accommodate 4-inch print widths and it’s user friendly interface make it ideal for high throughput blood processing environments.

Zebra ZT 400 Series

How much do ISBT 128 Blank Labels Cost?

Individually our ISBT 128 label kits cost between $55 and $252, that’s a very broad price-range! A number of factors go into the cost of your label kit costs, primarily the size and materials.

When it comes to size, larger labels are typically higher on the cost scale due in large part to the fact that they use more material.

In addition to the amount of material used impacting costs, the type of material will affect the cost. We offer three different materials with different finishes, including high gloss film, matte film and paper labels. Paper labels tend to be the lowest in cost, matte film stands in the middle and high gloss labels are our highest cost option. The label material you choose will depend entirely on what processes your labels need to withstand, required scannability and aesthetic preferences.

It’s also important to keep in mind that we provide many of our kits in sets. Depending on which kit you choose you may need to order more than one. When minimum order requirements are kept in mind total kit costs are $260+. We do this because ordering in bulk saves your facility hassle and budget.

It’s always important you discuss your processes, goals and priorities with your label provider to ensure you’re making the best decision for your facility. Making the right labeling decision can help you improve the integrity of your donations/samples, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Request a free sample of our blank label stock and ribbon.

Looking for Zika labels? We can help!

Choosing to source blank labels and Zika labels from Computype makes operational and cost-effective sense—you can simplify and streamline all your labeling needs.


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