Advancements in automated tread labeling deliver integrated communication strategies

8 February, 2018 - St. Paul, MN USA

Having long been a collaborative partner to the global tire industry with tracking solutions comprised of bead barcodes, label dispensers, and automatic label applicator systems, Computype has most recently invested new resources to further develop it’s Chromaffix tread label automation system. Optimizing existing infrastructure and technology, Chromaffix provides end-to-end functionality and extended business benefits beyond traditional labeling.

Officially launching at Tire Technology this month in Hannover, Germany, Chromaffix is a dynamic tread labeling automation system designed to seamlessly integrate with existing manufacturing workflows to consistently print and apply branded tread labels to tires. Centered on the linkage between the bead barcode label and the retail-facing tread label, Chromaffix prints variable information to combine product data with color logos for the correct combination of static and variable label presentation.

Chromaffix Tread Labels

“We simply asked our customers ‘What is your vision for tread labeling?’” says Simon Boddy, Computype’s Global Product Manager of Industrial Markets.  “The feedback we received identified an obvious gap in the industry; there simply isn’t a tread labeling system on the market that can effectively utilize data or multitask to provide tangible business benefits in addition to basic labeling. And so, we set out to engineer a labeling solution that would meet the speed, communication, reliability, and service demands that our customers are looking to achieve.”

The result is a completely re-engineered automated labeling system, which integrates with production lines in tire manufacturing and distribution centers to keep pace with current throughput needs. To address the critical relationship between the bead barcode and the tread label, an in-gate scanner ensures bead label information is sent to the Chromaffix system and printed on the appropriate branded label. The label applicator arm automatically adjusts in height to ensure accurate and centered label placement to various sized tires. After label application, a roller ensures all edges are affixed to the tread, and the out-gate unit provides scanning verification to communicatively close the loop on the labeling process. Understanding that conditions can vary and real estate is limited in tire facilities, Chromaffix also boasts temperature controlled media storage and an compact footprint.

Chromaffix Automated Tread Labeling System

“The goal is to provide our partners in the tire industry with a solution that, once commissioned, requires minimal attention” says Nate Brown, Computype’s Global VP of Services. “Our customers are experts in manufacturing and distributing tires, while we’re the experts in labeling.  Our service and support checklists provide on-site surveys, installation, commissioning and training, maintenance checks, and local engineering and IT support, so our customers can do what they do best and not have to defer their focus to any challenges associated with labeling.” 

Chromaffix offers the industry an opportunity to view the seemingly tactical process of labeling in a more strategic sense, all whilst reducing manual labor, improving efficiencies, and reducing waste. Integrating what has historically been a standalone labeling process with the manufacturing workflow ensures closed-loop communication and offers extended business benefits. 

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