Compound Management Tracking Services.

Computype has a long history of supporting biomedical research including drug discovery and development, which rely heavily on chemical libraries and compound management operations. These operations require a robust digital infrastructure to support tracking and visibility of their inventory in addition to proper identification for chemical and biological compounds. 

Chemical library tracking and management services.

Chemical Libraries

Chemical libraries (or compound libraries) store and manage chemical, biological, and organic compounds, along with their associated data properties, to support a multitude of research goals relating to pharmacology and biotechnology. Maintaining data integrity and proper asset identification within these libraries is key to preventing repeated experiments and workflow bottlenecks, or otherwise hindering the development of new therapeutics.  

Drug Discovery

Compound management is a principal element of drug discovery and development. Early phases of drug discovery revolve around identifying and validating a lead compound which is expected to be therapeutically effective. Determining a lead compound requires testing and analyzing multiple different compounds sourced from a compound management facility. These critical research phases depend on quick and accurate identification of compounds, completed by their associated data properties.

Data and Inventory Management

Identifying, processing, storing, and generally managing high-value assets is a central component of compound management. Meticulously tracking compounds and their properties, including shelf life, concentration, etc., is necessary for valid testing and analysis. Furthermore, converting that tracking data into meaningful information can support efficient workflows and greater visibility into chemical inventories.

Compound Management Digital Infrastructure

Storing, tracking, dispensing, and preparing chemical compounds to be analyzed and tested for drug discovery requires many moving parts. Accurately tracking your critical assets, and ultimately translating that data into meaningful information, can ensure reliable results. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform provides an infrastructure that allows you to track critical assets digitally and physically via RFID and barcode identification. Our platform is a full-service, end-to-end traceability solution that can integrate into existing systems – incorporating item labels and tags, customized entry points, readers and scanners, and other data points. With this data collection, you can produce powerful intelligence and predictive analytics to inform decision making and promote efficiency and growth.

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