Clinical Laboratory Tracking Services.

For nearly 50 years Computype has helped laboratories identify, track and manage their samples and specimens. From clinical trials to pathology testing, we have resources to help your lab preserve data integrity and protect patient information.

Clinical diagnostic testing fields and applications.

Clinical Trials and Studies

From preclinical laboratory studies through approval and commercialization, clinical trials follow rigorous methodologies and procedures to ensure safety at every stage. Determining the validity and efficacy of a new medical intervention requires accurate identification and comprehensive tracking and monitoring of every moving piece. Our resources can provide peace of mind and help preserve the integrity of these trials.

Specimen Identification

Specimen labeling and requirements are heavily regulated to ensure accurate results in both patient care and research environments. Pathology and research labs alike need to carefully manage their samples and specimens including precise identification. From histology slides to assay plates, we can support your lab in preventing mislabeled specimens or faulty results.

Sample Management

Properly managing samples in a laboratory environment – from collection through storage and retrieval protocols etc. – relies on well-organized, accessible, data and information. Working from a centralized hub of information including specimen IDs and properties, workflow stages, and custom data fields, allows for clear and accurate communication and testing.


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Pre-Barcoded Labware.

Properly managing samples and specimens is critical for any laboratory environment. Computype has services available to support regulatory compliance, improve efficiency, and ultimately allow your scientists and experts to focus on their research goals—and less time prepping your labware. Pre-barcoded laboratory services allow you to receive your labware already labeled, tared, sorted, and kitted to your specifications. With this service you can experience significant time, budget, staffing, and inventory savings. Our flexible laboratory service program is the preferred choice for clinical diagnostic laboratories. In addition to barcoding and labeling, we can enhance your labware with functional markings like graduation lines on tubes, or color branded logos. You can also receive your labware pre-tared complete with a full tare weight report, and pre-sorted and packaged to your exacting specifications. Download our brochure below, or continue exploring this page to learn more.

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