Dynamic Label Automation Solutions Enable Process Improvements in Tire Manufacturing Plants


Customer Background:

A top five global tire manufacturing company located in Brazil has recently completed a sizable project with Computype. The motivation behind reaching out to Computype was the new Brazilian INMETRO regulation, which aims to comply with environmental legislation related to tire production and sales. This regulation mandates the disclosure of rolling resistance, wet track grip, and external noise levels on all tires with the purpose of allowing customers to make informed decisions when purchasing tires. This regulation is applicable to all consumer and commercial tires intended for aftermarket sale.

The Challenge:

The company was facing the challenge of applying print-on-demand tire tread labels that simultaneously met the INMETRO regulation. Producing up to 70 different types of tires at an output of 30,000 tires per day. It is necessary that these tires are accurately labeled at this high speed in order to abide by the regulation as well as maintain the throughput their business process demands.

Our Solution:

As an existing partner of labels and automation, Computype began working very closely with the customer to collaboratively innovate a solution that met both the workflow goals and legislation demands. After deeper analysis and on-site surveys of the issues faced, Computype’s Chromaffix solution was identified as the most beneficial offering.

Chromaffix Automated Tread Label System

Chromaffix print-and-apply label applicator automatically scans the tire bead barcode and communicates with the company specific database table. Information is then sent to the printer unit and a label is produced and automatically applied with precision placement. This allows for each tire label to display variable information on a partially pre-printed label without having to change consumable stock or stop production to changeover media.

Once initial-concept approval was received, and the unit was tested and validated, Computype worked with the customer to install and integrate 4 Chromaffix print-and-apply systems directly onto their conveyor lines. Filling the labor gap of what would have taken 30 full time positions to manually apply these labels, the added benefits of standard label positioning and ensured information accuracy provides heightened peace of mind. Perhaps more importantly though, the ROI justification formula proves that a Chromaffix system has paid for itself in less than one year’s time.

How Computype Helped:

This solution has provided the company with a much more accurate and efficient process. The customer has eliminated the need for over 30 full time positions to manually apply these labels with the added benefits of standard label positioning and ensured information accuracy. Additionally, by doing so, the system typically pays for itself in under a year.

The Chromaffix offering is the market leading solution in terms of speed, ease of use, functionality, and reliability. With throughput speeds of one tire every 2-3 seconds, the Chromaffix solution is the only system in the market capable of meeting these demanding requirements. Computype’s team recognized the importance of precision and reliability for the customer, so in addition to sending the machines to their plant, Computype also sent a technical team to Brazil to install and validate Chromaffix within the existing processes. Full service and support comes as part of the Chromaffix solution so ongoing reliability and peace of mind are standard.

Chromaffix print-and-apply machine works as a system. Our success in supplying tire manufacturers is based on our total solution package; we have top of the line hardware, software, consumables, and support that are able to work together and create not only a dependable labeling system, but business process improvements. With this, we have been able to increase efficiency, accuracy, and outputs for this company resulting in a very satisfied customer.

Dynamic Label Automation Solutions Enable Process Improvements in Tire Manufacturing Plants


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