Who Are The Best Barcode Label Suppliers of 2020?

Who Are The Best Barcode Label Suppliers of 2020?

Best of 2020, Barcode Basics | 12 November 2019

Posted by Lisa Sarvie

Who Are The Best Barcode Label Suppliers of 2020?

When choosing your barcode label supplier, it is important that you know your specifications and needs to find the right match. Computype has been a barcode label supplier for over 40 years now, and we have worked with companies globally to provide reliable identification solutions.

Although we are a trusted barcode label partner, we are fully aware that we are not the best match for everyone. That being said, we are very familiar with the industry, and we often get asked: “Who else supplies quality barcode labels?”

We are confident in our ability to provide quality labelling solutions, but by no means do we discredit the ability of our competition. With our level of familiarity in this space, we wanted to provide you with a compiled list (in no particular order) of who we consider to be the best barcode label suppliers in North America and Europe.

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1. FineLine

HQ: Norcross, GA, USA
Founded: 1998

FineLine provides labels for the tyre, retail, and events & entertainment industries. Recently, they acquired Data2 Corporation, another renowned barcode label supplier in their own right. FineLine recognizes the importance of efficiency in your processes, and they do their best to turn orders quickly with a solution that will prove reliable and beneficial to your business.

2. Electronic Imaging Materials

HQ: Keene, NH, USA
Founded: 1987

Electronic Imaging Materials provides barcode labels for various industries around the globe. They are recognised for solving labelling problems and inefficiencies and ensuring solutions that can survive in unfavorable environments.

3. Inotec

HQ: East Yorkshire, UK, EU
Founded: 1978

Inotec specialises in durable barcode and RFID automatic identification. They are a renowned barcode labelling company primarily in Europe. This barcode label supplier ensures quality products and their products range from RFID smart labels, blank labels, metal labels and signs, ceramic labels, and library cards.

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4. General Data

HQ: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Founded: 1981

General Data works in the Industrial and Healthcare markets. They offer both stock and custom labels and are known for providing custom solutions to suit their customer’s needs. Additionaly they provide quality equipment service and repair to customers to ensure the solutions are working seamlessly with their processes. They prioritise systems integration and making a solution that will be easy to fit into their customer's everyday process.

5. Brady

HQ: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Founded: 1914

Offering quick turnaround, Brady ensures a label that will survive in harsh conditions and prove reliable, compliant, and durable. Their labels are designed with the application in mind, using the materials that will work best. Their products are tested before being sent to customers, and they work to improve efficiencies in your business with innovative products.

6. Symbology

HQ: Maple Grove, MN, USA
Founded: 1980

Symbology manufactures labels with the purpose of taking on the biggest challenges your business may be facing. They excel in developing custom solutions and overcoming unique challenges. They work with a variety of industries and have proven themselves innovative in the barcode label space.

If your business is exploring suppliers for your barcode labels, consider Computype and these six qualified companies. Now that you have some basic information on barcode label suppliers worldwide, we hope that you feel more confident moving forward with this decision. If you would like to learn more about Computype’s barcode labels within the industrial and healthcare markets, contact us here.  

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