Who are the Best Cryo Label Suppliers of 2022?

Who are the Best Cryo Label Suppliers of 2022?

Research & Diagnostics, Featured, Best of 2022 | 24 November 2021

Posted by Dave Harris

Who are the Best Cryogenic Label Suppliers of 2022?

At Computype, we work with labs and biobanks all over the world to ensure they have proper barcoding strategies in place to support their unique cryogenic storage processes and facilities.

With years of helping customers make the critical decision of which label supplier to work with under our belt, we know firsthand how deeply that decision will impact your mission – especially when you are trusted with processing highly valuable samples and specimens.

As a trusted cryo and freezer label supplier, we are often asked "who else supplies cryogenic barcode labels?"

While we have earned a good reputation amongst research, diagnostic, and biobank organisations for our reliable cryo and freezer labels, we know we are not the only option for this solution.

With extensive knowledge of all available solutions in this space, we wanted to provide you with a compiled list of who we consider to be the best cryo label suppliers in North America and Europe.


1. Brady Corporation

HQ: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Founded: 1914

Brady Corporation’s cryo and freezer labels are recognised for their ability to resist smearing, fading, or falling off in extreme cold environments such as liquid nitrogen, freezers, and autoclaves, as well as other harsh environments such as hot water baths, chemicals and solvents. Additionally, Brady’s laboratory labels are carefully designed to fit to a variety of vial, slide, and well plate sizes.

2. Diversified Biotech

HQ: Dedham, MA, USA
Founded: 1984

Diversified biotech’s cryo and freezer labels are manufactured with the intent to easily integrate with a variety of direct thermal printers. Their tags allow for quick labelling of all samples with sharp text and clear barcodes, custom to your intended use.

3. Ga International Labtag

HQ: Laval, Quebec, Canada
Founded: 1999

Ga International supplies a wide variety of cryo and freezer labels that are aimed to address both common and unique challenges that your lab may present. Additionally, consulting and technical support is offered to ensure ease of use and integration for your company.

4. General Data Company

HQ: Cincinnatti, OH, USA
Founded: 1987

5. CILS International

HQ: West Sussex, UK
Founded: 1987

CILS International manufactures durable, computer printable labels that can withstand all environments. With quick lead times, and solutions made to match your requirements, they can ensure a quick and reliable solution. 

6. Computype

HQ: Saint Paul, MN, USA
Founded: 1975

Computype provides both standard and custom cryogenic label and marking options—whether that means a -80 °C freezer, or -196 °C liquid nitrogen.

Computype’s flexibility surrounding end-user needs is their strong point. Labels can be ordered pre-printed, blank or even pre-applied. To further optimise on-demand labelling systems, Computype offers comprehensive print and application automation solutions and service.

Additionally, Computype’s pre-barcoded labware service includes direct mark, an advanced marking technology proven to be particularly well suited to cryogenic storage.


If you are exploring cryo labelling options for your lab, these are 6 qualified companies to keep in mind.

In addition to sourcing your labware you should consider your labelling strategy. Upgrading to a new printer (check out the SQUIX), automated system (the Axon2 can auto-apply your cryo labels to tubes for less than £10k) or even giving pre-barcoded labware a try (check out our list of 10 reasons to consider outsourcing) can significantly improve your processes.

Finding a supplier who can offer both labels and labelling equipment is a great way to ensure a comprehensive solution compatible with your labels and your needs.

Now that you have some basic information about the best cryo label suppliers nationwide, we hope you feel more comfortable moving forward in your decision-making process.

If you would like to learn more about Computype’s cryo-resistant labels, contact us here or request a sample of our cryo and freezer resistant labels here. 

Don’t want to deal with labware labelling at all? Learn more about our READY Labware Services program—we can provide you with cryo-resistant labware with customised barcodes already applied!

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