Best Pre-Barcoded Labware Suppliers of 2021

Best Pre-Barcoded Labware Suppliers of 2021

Research & Diagnostics, Labware Marking, Best of 2022 | 8 January 2021

Posted by David Richmond

Best Pre-Barcoded Labware Suppliers of 2021

Pre-barcoded labware is a labelling option that often flies under the radar, but we think every lab should know what it is and where to find it!

Many of our customers know we offer a pre-labelled labware program called READY Labware Services, and some of them want to explore their options before they commit. So, we’re often asked “where else can I find pre-barcoded labware?”

In this blog post, we aim to answer that question with a list of suppliers that offer pre-barcoded labware who we feel are worth checking out.

Before we start, we feel it’s important to mention that this list isn’t necessarily comparing apples to apples. There are three main types of suppliers on this list including labware suppliers, labware manufacturers and outsourcing partners. Let’s break down what each of those terms mean:

Labware Supplier: A labware supplier offers a range of labware from a variety of manufacturers and may offer their own house brand. Some of these suppliers can offer labware with pre-applied barcodes from the range of name-brand products they offer.

Typically, labware suppliers are only able to offer generic barcode options.

Labware Manufacturer: A labware manufacturer, manufactures and sells their own brand of labware. Some labware manufacturers offer pre-barcoded labware. Typically, the barcodes will be generic, however some do offer custom barcode options.

Outsourcing Partner: An outsourcing partner may be a labware manufacturer, label manufacturer or supplier that offers labware barcoding services. They will source the necessary labware or labels and custom mark them. In addition to marking, they may also offer additional preparatory services such as tare weighing, nase-free preparation or custom packaging.

Now that we’ve got that squared away, let’s jump into our list of the top pre-barcoded labware suppliers (in no particular order) of 2021:

Corning: Labware Manufacturer

Corning is a leader and innovator in materials science, focused on engineering specialised glass, ceramic and plastic materials to serve purposes in a variety of industries. One of the many industries they serve is the life sciences industry.

Corning is a labware manufacturer that specially engineers sample containers to meet the needs of customers in the life sciences field, including microwell plates, tubes and vials suitable for cryogenic storage.

Many of their labware options are available for purchase with a generic barcode already applied.

Thermo Fisher: Labware Supplier

Thermo Fisher is a labware supplier that serves laboratories worldwide with premier products and solutions. Their goal is to help their customers make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place.

One way they do this is by providing their customers with an array of quality labware, offering the option to receive it with generic barcodes already applied.

Brooks Life Sciences: Labware Supplier

Brooks Life Sciences focuses on creating solutions to support scientists in searching for cures to devastating diseases. They provide a wide array of products and solutions, including pre-labeled labware.

As a labware supplier they have an array of offerings. Ranging from microwell plates, to laser etched cryogenic storage tubes. Several generic pre-barcoded options are available.

When it comes to plate labelling, custom options are also available.

LVL Technologies: Labware Manufacturer

LVL Technologies is a Germany based labware and device manufacturer that focuses on helping labs store their liquid samples. Among their line of products is a line of cryogenic tubes and vials with the option to add pre-applied barcode labels. The labels can include text, linear barcodes or 2D barcodes and are able to withstand temperatures as low as -196°C.

Greiner Bio-One: Labware Manufacturer

Greiner Bio-One offers a collection of laboratory supplies for customers in the life-science industry. Most of the supplies they offer can be purchased with a generic or custom, linear or 2D barcode applied.

TWD Tradewinds: Outsourcing Partner

TWD Tradewinds is a supplier of labware solutions who also offers a barcode outsourcing solution. Glass or plastic vials and bottles can be ordered to have generic or custom barcodes applied prior to delivery.

DWK Life Sciences: Labware Manufacturer

DWK Life Sciences formed when three leading manufacturers of glassware and specialty labware decided to work together to provide laboratories worldwide with a comprehensive range of labware. In addition to their labware they offer full solution options including pre-labeled labware and custom packaging.

Thomas Scientific: Labware Supplier

From containers and chemicals to larger equipment and furnishings, Thomas Scientific has a large portfolio of lab equipment and supplies from numerous trustworthy manufacturers.

Among their offerings are pre-barcoded labware options. Some of the manufacturers they work with provide generic pre-labelled tubes, additionally many labware pieces can be custom marked.

What about Computype?

Computype is a strategic outsourcing partner that offers a pre-barcoded labware program called READY Labware Services. Through READY Labware Services we offer pre-barcoded labware including microwell plates, tubes, vials and more.

Our range of marking technology offerings provide labs with options to withstand even the harshest exposures, from liquid nitrogen storage to the oven, from DMSO to acetone and even abrasive robot grippers.

Microwell Plate Labels-1

  • Pressure Sensitive: We offer all of our standard label options to our READY Labware Services customers including our Cryo-hold freezer, Cryo-hold liquid nitrogen and microwell plate labels!
    Direct Mark Glass-1
  • Direct Mark: We offer ink based direct mark print technology that uses specially cured inks to print directly onto the surface of your container. The cured inks are extremely durable and can be exposed to a wide range of chemicals and temperatures without damage.

    Another appeal of direct mark is the ability to add colourful designs. Whether you’re looking for a colour coding solution or want to add a brand logo to your containers, both are possible with direct mark.
    Ceramic on Glass
  • Ceramic: Our ceramic labels are made from a thin layer of special clay with your barcodes printed directly onto them. The labels are then placed onto glass containers and fired in a kiln—fusing them directly to the glass.

    This process makes the labels extremely durable. Since they are fused to the glass, they can survive just as long as the container. The only downside to this marking method is that it’s not suitable for plastic.

Read this blog to find the right marking technology for your labware labelling  process

We also offer a few additional services to simplify your processes even further:

  • Nase-Free Environment: if needed, your plates can be prepared and labelled in a nase-free environment to ensure usability in DNA testing.
  • Tare Weighing: We can accurately tare weigh each of your tubes and vials for you prior to shipping and provide you with a report of the results so you can remove one more step from your lab processes.

  • Custom Kitting, Sorting & Packaging: You decide how you want your containers to arrive. If you want pre-prepared kits ready for your technicians to use, we can send you that. If you want your plates sorted and stacked numerically, we can do that for you. Want them packaged in a specific way? Let us know and we’ll try to accommodate your needs.

­­­As expectations and demand rise in the healthcare industry it’s important that labs keep up in both speed and accuracy. Purchasing your labware pre-barcoded lets you completely eliminate labelling from your facility so you can focus on tasks that better align with your core values.

We hope this list helps gives you an idea of where you can look for pre-barcoded labware and who offers the kind of solutions you’re looking for. If you have any questions about our READY Labware Services program, please feel free to reach out.

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