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The Best Vulcanised Tyre Barcode Label Suppliers of 2019

The Best Vulcanised Tyre Barcode Label Suppliers of 2019

Tyre, Best of 2019, Cost & Planning, Tyre Labelling | 7 March 2019

Posted by Simon Boddy

The Best Vulcanised Tyre Barcode Label Suppliers of 2019

In supplying over 400 million individual vulcanised barcode labels to more than 40 countries every year for traceability of tyres throughout the building process, we have our finger on the pulse of the tyre manufacturing industry. As a trusted advisor to global tyre manufacturers, our experts are commonly asked ‘Who else provides comparable tyre barcode labels?’

While we’re partial to our own vulcanised barcode solutions, we acknowledge and appreciate that we aren’t the only barcode label supplier who can provide great tyre labels. With extensive knowledge in this space and full awareness of our competitors, we wanted to provide you with a compiled list (in no particular order) of who we consider to be the best vulcanised tyre barcode label suppliers. 

1. Data2 

Founded: 1966
Headquarters: O’Fallon, Missouri, United States

Data2 has long been a supplier of vulcanised barcode labels to the tyre manufacturing industry. With over 20 years of experience serving this space, Data2 hosts a proprietary adhesive which allows customers bead barcode options for both the pre and post-cure manufacturing stages. Their printing systems produce images that both look appeasing, and withstand the rigors or vulcanisation. Beyond bead barcode labels, Data2 also provides the tyre industry with tread labelling products. 

2. Nitto Denko 

Founded: 1918
Headquarters: Osaka, Japan

Nitto Denko is a manufacturer and supplier of materials that are often used by label convertors in the formulation of vulcanised barcode labels. Offering adhesives especially designed for vulcanised rubber, Nitto Denko does quite a bit of work supporting the global automotive and logistics industries.

3. Lintec

Founded: 1934
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Lintec is manufacturer and supplier of adhesives that are often sourced by label convertors for the composition of bead barcode labels. In addition to supplying industrial-use adhesives, Lintec also provides barcode printers and other labelling equipment. 

4. Betters

Founded: 1984
Headquarters: Glebas, Franco da Rocha, Brazil

Betters is a company that specialises in providing labelling products to several industries including tyre, automotive, and logistics. Their solutions for the tyre industry are designed to accompany the tyre from assembly through to disposal and include materials suitable for vulcanisation, and tread labels to support InMetro consumer communication legislation. 

5. Albeniz (Reynders Label Printing):

Founded: 1910
Headquarters: Barbatain, Spain, Europe

Albeniz is a supplier of vulcanised barcode labels which can be customised to suit different manufacturing process. Thick facestocks and engineered top coats are part of what make Albeniz labels strong enough to withstand the vulcanisation process. Also a provider of tread labels and associated label automation, Albeniz is a long-time global supplier to the tyre manufacturing industry.


Especially when it comes to traceability of tyres throughout the manufacturing and quality processes, the decision of where to source your bead barcode labels is critical. Ensuring each and every bead barcode remains stuck and scannable throughout the vulcanisation process is what helps reduce costs associated with waste and rework, and ultimately supports streamlined and efficient operations. Having been a supplier of bead barcode labels to top tyre brands for over 30 years, we understand the value that each and every label plays throughout your quality process. 

Interested in learning more about Computype’s vulcanised barcode labelling solutions? Contact us here. 

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Simon Boddy

Simon Boddy is Computype’s Global Product Manager within our Industrial Business Unit. Based in our UK facility, he has worked closely with many global tyre manufacturers to improve their processes and ensure accurate bead and tread labelling. Most recently, Simon played a large role in launching Computype’s new automated tread labelling system, Chromaffix.