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How Much Does an Automated Tread Labelling System Cost?

Tyre, Tyre Label Automation | 26 March 2018

Posted by Simon Boddy

How much does an automated tread labling system cost?

Chromaffix is an automatic tyre tread label automation system that is a combination of hardware, software, consumables, and service. This automated print-on-demand tyre tread labelling system eliminates the need for manual labelling while ensuring tread label legislation compliance.

Chromaffix works by scanning the barcode bead label on the tyre, printing the appropriate information onto a tyre tread label, and applying the correct label to the tread in a very accurate and precise manner.

Although automatic label applicators are a growing trend in the tyre industry, manufacturers need to know if automated tyre tread labelling is a justified expense. For that reason, we have addressed the following questions:

  • How much do automatic label applicators cost?

  • What are the benefits of pursuing an automated tread labelling system?

  • What is included in the price?

How much do automatic label applicators cost?

As with any customisable product, it depends. The Chromaffix system is an investment, due to the simplicity and efficiency that a system like this will add to your processes. Automatic labelling systems are multi-functional pieces of equipment that require a lot of R&D, manufacturing, and engineering.

Additionally, with equipment like this, the ROI is high and fast, typically realised in less than a year’s time. A tyre manufacturing company that we partnered with recently installed and integrated four Chromaffix print-and-apply systems directly onto their existing conveyor lines, filling the labour gap of what would have taken 30 full-time employees to manually apply these labels. These pieces of equipment will not be cheap; however, the benefits far outweigh the price you pay for purchase.

What are the benefits of pursuing an automated tread labelling system?

Our Chromaffix automatic label applicator system offers many service elements that will benefit your specific company.

Chromaffix Superior Service

Speed is increased; the tyre bead labelling process is expedited as all tasks involved in labelling the tyre bead are integrated into one with this compact system. Chromaffix allows for a less than two second cycle time as opposed to the ten+ second cycle time of manual labour. Additionally, with the reduction in the need for manual labour, companies typically see a less than six month ROI period.

Chromaffix is compact, making it easily implementable into your processes and your manufacturing space. Simplicity of integration is imperative, as nobody wants to undergo a difficult, complicated switchover when it comes to everyday processes in the plant; this is why Chromaffix was engineered to exemplify both ease of integration and ease of use.

Improved reliability is a huge benefit of these automatic label applicators; time and time again, manual labour fails be as consistent as automation in regards to labelling. Additionally, human error can always occur transferring information, creating, or placing the label, and Chromaffix eliminates that possibility.

Safety is a priority in any manufacturing plant, and Chromaffix further promotes that initiative. Reducing manual labour also reduces potential injuries, therefore increasing safety.

Customisable service is a capability ensuring that automated tread labelling systems integrate seamlessly and profitably into your specific processes. The enhanced communication Chromaffix allows throughout the entire tread labelling process ensures fast, efficient labelling, and quick fixes if something were to go wrong.

What is included in the price?

Chromaffix Automated Tyre Tread Labelling SystemFor the price you pay upfront, Computype will include the automation system, scan bridges, engineered tread labels, post-application scan and confirmation, system install and integration.

In addition to that, any provider of a similar system must have the consumables and should certainly take this into account when determining the final pricing. Service is also integrated into this cost; at Computype, if we are your supplier, we guarantee we will be with you throughout your buying journey to ensure the system best suits the needs of your company. In addition to this, Chromaffix offers many other service elements that will see your all of manufacturing processes and requirements through.

Automatic tread label applicator systems allow for all of the different small tasks required to properly label a tyre, to be integrated into one working system. This saves a lot of time on your end, and a lot of trouble if something were to go wrong as it would be easily identifiable.

Streamlining of processes is becoming more and more prevalent, and is necessary to keep your company moving towards the future. Human error reduction and fast, reactive automation is the new way of tyre manufacturing plants, and Chromaffix is capable of making these processes easier and more sustainable for you.

In regards to tread label automation systems, we have seen customers pay as little as $100,000 and as much as $200,000. While this number may seem high, the decrease in manual labour and increase in standardisation of the processes make it well worth the money.

The ease of implementation and integration make this an adequate product leaving the customer satisfied from the get-go. In addition, there is an increase in speed, reliability, simplicity, safety, service, and communication throughout the whole tread labelling process in your manufacturing plant.

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Simon Boddy

Simon Boddy is Computype’s Global Product Manager within our Industrial Business Unit. Based in our UK facility, he has worked closely with many global tyre manufacturers to improve their processes and ensure accurate bead and tread labelling. Most recently, Simon played a large role in launching Computype’s new automated tread labelling system, Chromaffix.