How Much Do Vulcanised Tyre Barcode Labels Cost?

How Much Do Vulcanised Tyre Barcode Labels Cost?

Tyre, Cost & Planning, Tyre Labelling | 17 December 2018

Posted by Paul Burlington

How much do vulcanized tyre barcode labels cost?

As you can probably tell by the name, vulcanised tyre barcode labels are the barcode labels applied to the bead of the tyre prior to vulcanisation during tyre manufacturing. Tyre barcode labels can be applied at almost any stage in the manufacturing process, from pre moulded rubber, to formed green tyres, however they are most often applied at the point of tyre building. Each barcode acts as a license plate for traceability of the tyre throughout the manufacturing process. While tyre barcode labels don’t serve nearly as much valuable purpose once a tyre leaves the manufacturing plant, their presence is absolutely critical for WIP tracking.

Tire Bead Barcode LabelSo we know how important they are, but how much do tyre barcode labels cost? For the amount of value they can give to your process, they must be pretty expensive right? 

You might be surprised. In this article we'll answer questions such as:

What variables affect the price of vulcanised tyre barcode labels? 

How much do vulcanised tyre barcode labels typically cost?

Variables to Determine Price

Vulcanised tyre barcode labels themselves are a pretty standard product; however, there are certain process-driven components of the barcode label that cause variability in the price. Sources of variability will likely include the following:

  • Whether your process dictates receiving labels pre-printed or printing the yourself on-demand
  • Ordering at higher volume and frequency will reduce per-unit cost
  • Customisations like colour or roll size
  • Guaranteed unique barcodes without the risk of duplicates

The method of printing is a determining factor in the final price of your tyre barcode labels as you have a couple options: receiving pre-printed barcodes from your label supplier, or printing yourself on demand. With pre-printed, you are guaranteed unique barcodes and there is no need to invest in printers or other equipment; on the other hand, with print on demand, you have complete control of the process and more flexibility in modifying the label on the fly.

Receiving Labels Pre-Printed vs. Printing On Demand

With tyre barcode labels, the most commonly utilised method is to receive the labels pre-printed; however, whether this is the right method for you depends on your specific process needs.

The cost aspect of this decision is two-fold—if you decide to receive your labels pre-printed, you will pay a higher upfront cost to your supplier due to the labour and customisation of suiting them for your company. That being said, if you decide to print these labels in-house, you need the equipment, space, and operators to do so.

Outsourcing the label printing to a label supplier has proven to be a high-speed process that is good if you are a company that needs labels printed in bulk or large batches. Label suppliers are experts in this space, allowing for the insurance that your labels will be high quality and perform up to standards. However, with this option comes a lack of control.

Tyre Bead Barcode Labels

Order Volume and Frequency

The volume of vulcanised tyre barcode labels you will need will also play a role in determining the final price. In addition to that, the volume may affect the method of printing used which will in turn affect the final cost as well.

Tyre manufacturing facilities typically have consistent throughput rates, and can predictably order in batches ahead of time. This proves helpful for creating a relationship with your label supplier where they can have the flexibility to plan your orders ahead. Typically, the higher the order volume and frequency, the lower your per-unit price will end up.

Customisation Capabilities

In the case of tyre barcode labels, digital printing will usually come at a higher cost due to the fact that it has the capability to add colour. Colour is not necessary across all tyre barcode labels, however it can be beneficial if you want to classify different tyres or if you simply want a visual way to distinguish different types of tyres.

At Computype, we can apply colour across the web and apply it to the labels as part of your standard order. Additionally, it is not a requirement that you purchase a full set of each colour, you have the ability to mix and match to your specific needs.

In addition to colour, another printing customisation that some tyre manufacturers request are a curved barcode label. When a barcode label is die-cut to a curve, it is easier to conform to the natural curve of the tyre.

Guaranteed Unique Barcodes Without the Risk of Duplicates

Finally, whether you choose to manage your sequences in house or through a label supplier is a decision that will affect the price of your tyre barcode labels.

Sequence integrity is incredibly important in your tyre barcode labels. If you have duplicates, a lot of scrap, or rework, unplanned expenses can occur in your plant. Additionally, if a duplicate label is not detected until late in the manufacturing process and something goes wrong with the tyre, this can cause serious discrepancies and liability issues for your plant if the accurate tyre information is readily traceable.

Oftentimes, tyre manufacturing plants will choose to outsource their tyre barcode printing needs and associated sequence management services to their label supplier. Computype, for example, manages tyre barcode label sequences across multiple parts, and by specific plants to ensure duplicates or inaccurate label sequences do not occur.

This is a process you could also choose to do in house, although it will likely require proprietary software to be created for your business specifically, which could come at a high cost.

How Much Do Vulcanised Tyre Barcode Labels Typically Cost?

Keep in mind that different suppliers will offer different prices, but from our experience in the industry, vulcanized tire barcode labels typically run from about $10-$15 per 1,000 labels. This price is derived from the factors mentioned above to meet your specifications.

If you are looking to reevaluate spending as it relates to manufacturing of tire barcode labels in your facility, the cost of the labels themselves are just one factor, and you also need to consider the cost of your application method. 

Applying tire barcode labels by hand is still a popular method, but when it comes to spending this type of strategy involves constant overhead and the potential for scanning accuracy.

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