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What is a Print and Apply Automation? (in Under 100 Words)

What is a Print and Apply Automation? (in Under 100 Words)

Tyre, 100 Words or Less, Tyre Label Automation, Tyre Labelling | 22 April 2019

Posted by Simon Boddy

What is print and apply automation? In under 100 words

Print and Apply automation is an approach to automatic label application wherein each label is printed and applied on-demand in the same motion.

This method of automation supports Lean Manufacturing efforts and can increase throughput abilities, ensure information accuracy, and guarantee precise label placement. Print and apply automation is an ideal solution when you have variable data that needs to be printed in-house, and can also be paired with a pre-printed label purchasing strategy. This approach would allow you to include durable colour elements on your labels as well as your black and white variable data.

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Simon Boddy

Simon Boddy is Computype’s Global Product Manager within our Industrial Business Unit. Based in our UK facility, he has worked closely with many global tyre manufacturers to improve their processes and ensure accurate bead and tread labelling. Most recently, Simon played a large role in launching Computype’s new automated tread labelling system, Chromaffix.