What is an Automatic Tube & Vial Labeller? (In Under 100 Words)

What is an Automatic Tube & Vial Labeller? (In Under 100 Words)

Research & Diagnostics, 100 Words or Less, Labware Automation | 11 September 2019

Posted by Dave Harris

What is an automatic tube and vial labeller (in under 100 words) UK

An automatic tube and vial labeller is a piece of equipment that automatically prints and/or applies labels onto tubes and vials.

Tube and vial label automation varies in human involvement requirements, ranging from applicators that require manual placement of individual tubes and vials in the machine, to others that allow the user to press a button and walk away for hours at a time.

Many tube and vial labellers can be integrated into larger automated systems including sorting, racking and stacking equipment.

The primary advantages of utilising automated labelling equipment are cost savings, increased accuracy and throughput.

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