What is an Automatic Tyre Barcode Applicator? (In Under 100 Words)

What is an Automatic Tyre Barcode Applicator? (In Under 100 Words)

Tyre, 100 Words or Less, Tyre Label Automation | 25 September 2019

Posted by Paul Burlington

What is an Automatic Tyre Barcode Applicator (In Under 100 Words) UK

An automatic tyre barcode applicator is a piece of tyre label automation equipment that automatically places tyre barcode labels (either pre-cure or vulcanised tyre barcode labels) onto tyres.

Some automatic tyre barcode applicators simply apply pre-printed labels to tyres, while others feature print and apply automation.

Most tyre barcode applicators can be integrated into larger automated systems and processes, in fact label automation increases precision of label placement for improved scanning during downstream automated processes.

The primary advantages of utilising this type of equipment are cost savings, precise label placement, and increased throughput.

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