Who are the Best Microwell Plate Label Suppliers of 2021?

Who are the Best Microwell Plate Label Suppliers of 2021?

Research & Diagnostics, Labware Marking, Best of 2022 | 30 December 2020

Posted by Dave Harris

Who are the Best Microwell Plate Label Suppliers of 2021?

The right microwell plate labels play a critical role in ensuring the integrity of your research, and unfortunately finding a perfect match isn’t always easy. We want to give you a few recommendations of where to look!

As a label manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the healthcare market, we understand your processes may involve extreme temperatures, harsh chemical exposures—and how critical it is your labels survive those conditions.

With that in mind, here is a list of companies (in no particular order) who also offer microwell plate labels that we feel are worth considering during your search for the right barcode label:


GA International/Lab TAG

GA International is a company dedicated to providing labelling solutions to companies in a variety of industries from healthcare to retail.

Their healthcare specific options can be found on their Labtag website. They offer a variety of labels capable of withstanding common lab exposures. They have compatible options for both thermal transfer and laser print technologies, alongside print and apply automation.

EIM (Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc.)

Electronic Imaging Materials is a New Hampshire based label manufacturing company. They are devoted to providing companies all over the world with sustainable label solutions. They serve multiple industries including industrial & manufacturing, warehouse and laboratory environments.

Among their offerings are labels for microwell plates. Their labels are compatible with thermal transfer print technology and are able to withstand extreme temperatures as well as a variety of chemical exposures.


VWR is a branch of the company Avantor who supplies research solutions to professionals in a variety of research related industries. Their website offers a range of microwell plate labels from several suppliers alongside their own house brand. Their offerings vary in abilities but some feature temperature and chemical resistance, colour, and compatibility with several print technologies.

What about Computype?

We offer a variety of our own microwell plate labels and like to think the stand out feature of our product is our compatibility with a variety of processes.

Our goal is to either have a label on hand, or tailor a label to meet the specific needs of your lab. We offer pre-printed labels and blank labels. Labels for manual application and labels for automatic application. We even offer plates with custom barcodes pre-applied.

In addition to custom sequences, we are able to meet more specialised needs through colour-coding and/or branding, RFID and specifically engineered labels.

Beyond the printing and application process, we offer efficiency boosting solutions—such as the Squix S3200 automated label applicator, or READY Labware Services—our custom pre-barcoded labware service.

Our ultimate goal is to give you all the tools you need to make the barcoding and labelling process as user-friendly and efficient as possible.


All four of the above companies are worth a look during your research journey. We hope this list helps take you to the next step in finding your ideal microwell plate labelling strategy.

If you would like to learn more about Computype’s microwell plate labels, you can learn more here, or contact us to discuss further.

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