Why We Need to Focus on Our Partnerships During Times Like These

Why We Need to Focus on Our Partnerships During Times Like These

Barcode Basics | 25 March 2020

Posted by Dave Harris


Now more than ever our partners need our support, and we need theirs! The current times are wearing on us all, and as we take extra precautions to protect the safety of all those around us and ourselves it’s certainly far from “business as usual.”

As we move forward, an important thing to remember is that we are all in this situation together, so your partners should be understanding of the severity of your situation. Also remember, just as personal bonds often grow stronger (or fall through) during rough patches, we can better understand our professional partnerships if we make them a priority during this difficult time.

It’s likely you’ve already made significant changes when it comes to interacting with your business partners and suppliers for the time being. In addition to taking extra precautions through social distancing, now is a good time to increase communication with your partners and suppliers.

Whether you’re relying on them, or they’re relying on you, occasional status updates on production, demand or other information related to your relationship will help both of you keep your priorities in order.

As we all make changes to our processes and recognise shifts in our needs and expectations it’s more important than ever we communicate those changes to our partners and suppliers. Ensuring our partners understand what we need from them, and that we understand what they need from us will provide some stability in this time of uncertainty.

If a lack of communication or inability to get what you need is weighing on a partnership it may be time to take action by seeking resources from elsewhere. Although it may be difficult, forming new partnerships with companies you can trust to stick with you through times like these might be the best solution.

Just as it’s important to show your partners who are doing a great job keeping you in the loop your appreciation for their hard work—for those who aren’t holding up their end of the bargain it may be a good time to seek out a relationship with a company that can. Now more than ever before, we are all finding it to be extremely important to find and build a network of partnerships that can provide support at the times we need it most.

The current events unfolding at this time will go down in history, more than any other time it’s important we support one another in any way we can. By focusing on our partnerships during this unprecedented event we can assist one another in creating stability and better prepare for the future .

Computype is making an effort to improve our interactions with our partners by halting any unnecessary communications, keeping our partners updated with 1;1 communication plans, continuing to provide our products and prioritising high demand products (such as those being utilised in the research and diagnosis of COVID-19.)

We want all of our partners to know that regardless of the situation we aim to help you through it, and give a special thank you to our partners who are working on products that will assist those in need of help during this pandemic. Please know, if you’re a partner of Computype that we are here to help! If you have something you would like to discuss with our team specifically, please reach out!

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