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Chromaffix pays in more ways than one

  • Reduced labour costs through automation

  • Reduced media stock levels

  • Consistently high throughput speeds

  • Fewer errors/downtime

  • Consistent & accurate output

  • Production flexibility

  • Improved branding

  • Customisable to suit existing systems

Download the Chromaffix Brochure to find out why it makes strategic sense to consider Chromaffix implementation to your workflow process

The dynamic solution for tread labelling

An automated tread labelling solution for the tyre industry, by the tyre industry.

Chromaffix has been developed in collaborative partnership with global tyre manufacturers to produce a tread labelling solution which meets the industry’s needs in full.

Automatically extracting data from the bead label, Chromaffix prints variable and static data and colour branded logos on the tread label, then applies it to the tyre with precision and at speeds that maintain pace with your production lines.

No manual labour required, no human errors made - just optimised process efficiency, speed and data communication.