How Colour Labelling Technology Improves Warehousing & Logistics


Customer Background:

A company similar to Computype that provides labels, metal nameplates, decals, tags, and parts marking, partners with subcontractors of the warehouses for a well renowned electronic commerce company; this company recently reached out to Computype hoping to utilise our solutions. This labelling company had previously been providing this product through thermal transfer technology and flexographic colour coding in a two-step process.

The Challenge:

For a large electronic commerce company, shelving identification through reliable labelling solutions is a critical asset considering the vast amount of products they offer and the exceptionally quick turnaround of the purchasing process; receiving, fulfilling, shipping, and delivering the order.

Additionally, as more warehouses are turning to automation, proper labelling is even more essential. If the label automation does not work accordingly, these companies are left with wasted space and inefficiencies resulting in monetary losses as well as business losses. As mentioned above, this company had previously been manufacturing this product through thermal transfer printing technology and flexographic colour coding in a two-step process. The company that they are producing these labels for requires a high volume of labels, motivating them to seek a new, more efficient process.

Our Solution:

At Computype, we provide reliable labelling and identification solutions in order to make our customers’ processes easier. As we are always up for a challenge, we took on this project in the logistics industry. This was a new market segment for us, but with our experts and innovative manufacturing equipment, we were able to tailor our solution to meet the demands of this project. As automation is becoming more prevalent, reliable barcode labelling and identification is becoming more and more essential for companies within this industry.

Many of the solutions we offer are exclusive to Computype, which is a large differentiating factor that is attractive to companies searching for labelling and tracking solutions. Furthermore, Computype partners with our customers to provide tailored, total solution services that focus on valued products with timely delivery.

Beneficial to this project in specific, was our Domino Colour Inkjet Press, a colour thermal printer. With this equipment, we are able to finish these labels in four different ways; they can be finished one, two, three, or four across the roll, depending on how many shelving sides the labels will be designated to.

Also, we offer this 13 different coloured labels, providing the end user with more ways to differentiate in regards to shelving. In total, we are able to offer up to 52 different colour/finishing parts. These labels allow for consistent and proper placement of products on the shelves and for reliable, at-a-glance identification. Additionally, these are 2D barcodes, meaning more information is able to fit in the barcode, while it also takes up no added room on the shelves.

With Computype’s equipment and expertise, we were also capable of integrating the thermal transfer technology and flexographic colour coding into just a one-step process, while also providing a more durable product. This shorter process also makes for a more cost effective option for the end user.

How Computype Helped:

The magnitudes of projects such as this are broad. This particular company is outsourcing this work to Computype, and eventually they will resell our custom barcode labels to the subcontractors of the electronic commerce company.

This project is of very high volume, however, with our solutions, this process is able to move quicker than usual. Computype has succeeded at expediting the workflow by working with the customer to obtain forecasting, and also establishing prices for various quantity breaks so before reaching out to us, customers already generally understand how much the cost of their order will be. On average, turnaround is 4-5 weeks to produce up to 5 million labels. Computype realises that proficient customer service is priceless, so we make sure to consistently value our customers and their time.

For this project, Computype was able to provide sustainable and reliable labelling solutions to this company in order to ensure that all of their end user’s products will have the ability to be easily identified and properly placed. With our solutions, the electronic commerce company is now able to manage their warehouses more efficiently and at a lower investment.