Direct Mark Barcode Labels Ensure Dependable Tracking to Support Research


Customer Background:

We are currently partnering with a healthcare company pursuing a new project within the Biobanking segment that involves gathering over 35 million biological samples from more than 1 million participants.

The goal of this project is to track participants over months, years, and even decades in hopes that researchers will be able to discover new information about various diseases that they have never found before.

The Challenge:

In order to proceed with this project, this company had to define a means of incorporating label automation into their process; with as many samples as they are planning to manage, electronic records were deemed necessary. Efficiency is also essential for a project like this; there is a short time frame after surgery for tissue to be collected and properly preserved for later use.

The challenges regarding this project include utilising solutions that have the ability to correctly and reliably mark each sample in the most ethical and efficient manner. With all of these criteria considered, this company discovered their need to find a solution that was proven to be more durable and precise than a standard pressure sensitive label. Additionally, standardised and proper care of samples is critical for a project that involves human tissue.

Our Solution:

At Computype, we provide reliable and sustainable
 labelling solutions that accurately track processes. With a large presence in the Healthcare industry, we have established a position in Biopharma where our labelling solutions set high standards in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research sectors. 

Computype’s direct mark technology is unique in that it does not require surface treatment of the tubes, protecting containers against damage to their structure. This also protects from contamination of the sample, which can occur if chemical surface treatments are being used. By doing this, we guarantee that the handling of samples is both ethical and standardised throughout the entire process. 

Computype Direct Mark Labware

Computype has offered a major benefit to this project with our direct mark printing and duplicating capabilities; this is necessary in order for this company to work with the specific automation and storage racks being utilised for this project.

The automation aspect could be a challenge, given that these samples are available to many research labs, some with different test equipment than others. Some equipment is newer and capable of scanning the 2D barcodes, but older equipment doesn’t typically have this capability and is only able to read a linear barcode. This is one of the reasons that a corresponding linear barcode is necessary in addition to the 2D code located on the bottom of the tubes.

How Computype Helped:

Additionally, unlike other label providers, Computype has the capability to properly duplicate the existing 2D barcodes and produce a corresponding 1D human readable mark on the outside of the tube to preserve the integrity of the samples.

This is necessary because human readable information and linear barcodes function as a redundant identification system, meaning that if the 2D barcode becomes damaged, there remain two additional ways to identify what the sample is: either scan the linear barcode or read the human readable information.

This way, researchers are able to proactively follow the participants; for example, if in 10 years a participant develops a disease, researchers can easily scan the barcode on the original sample and compare historical information attached to their tissue sample.

Through utilisation of Computype direct mark technology, researchers are gaining the opportunity to start examining factors never seen before that cause diseases. We prioritise the integrity of our solutions into this space and will continue to provide reliable barcoding solutions to ensure samples remain reliable for future research purposes.

Direct Mark Barcode Labels Ensure Dependable Tracking to Support Research

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