How RFID Addressed Security and Traceability Concerns for a Company Working with High Value Materials


Customer Background:

A company providing disruptive, electronic DNA/RNA sequencing technologies around the globe was in need of a solution to ensure the security and traceability of high value materials necessary in their processes.

We were communicating with this customer on a regular cadence since they were already utilising our READY Labware Services to ensure accurate IDs on their tubes. During one of these communications, our representative was notified that the company had some additional concerns which could be addressed with the use of RFID.

The Challenge:

The security and traceability of expensive raw materials was a primary concern for the company. During normal operations, raw materials had been lost—which is not only a serious financial burden, but a security risk due to the potentially dangerous nature of some of the chemicals. To add an extra element of complexity, the materials being tracked were housed in a variety of different types of containers from small cryo-vials, to large drums.

Our representative was able to gain a better understanding of production and process needs and gain info on the specifics of storage and environmental conditions which helped emphasise the scale of the impact this issue had on our customer’s team. In a worst-case scenario, the loss of a single container could result in a financial loss of over £75,000. In addition to preventing financial repercussions, improved traceability would aid in inventory control and production planning.

Our representative quickly gained the support of team members necessary to the success of the project, both within Computype, and our customer’s team.

As the project has progressed the scope has evolved and now includes additional elements, including tare weighing through our READY Labware Services program.

Our Solution:

With previous complex projects, this customer had tried to source separate components from individual suppliers with limited success. At their request, our team presented a full solution involving RFID tags and four control stations, each consisting of a reader, a multiplexer, 2 antenna’s and a Sato RFID enabled printer.

In order to ensure the lasting success of the project we are building an ongoing service package and have already supplied training and support.

How Computype Helped:

Through keeping regular communications with the company, we were able to not only ensure the services they were already receiving from us were still meeting their needs and build upon them, but identify additional needs we were able to address.

RFID is a great tool to improve traceability and security—especially when the items you’re tracking and tracing are valuable like the chemicals our customer was working with. However, RFID can be tricky to implement especially when you’re working with multiple suppliers.

As an RFID implementation and integration partner, we work with our customers to build a comprehensive solution that meets their needs—while taking on the hard work of project managing to source, build, test and implement so they can focus on what they do best. In this situation, the customer not only benefitted from our team of RFID experts curating and building a custom solution, but the convenience of being able to reach out to a single source for service and support.

Lastly, the ongoing service package will ensure the lasting success of their project, even as their needs shift with time.

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