Computype has been partnering with transfusion medicine, diagnostics, and research & discovery for years – we have in-depth understanding of the ID and tracking solutions such disciplines require.

Research & Discovery

Dependable tracking for samples has never been more important in the highly automated and fast-moving research sector. Computype remains at the forefront in this field, trusted by seven of the top twenty pharmaceutical companies in North America to handle compound storage labelling.

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Computype offers both advanced barcoding and RFID expertise to effectively support lab processes, and the development, launch, and usage of reagents and instruments.
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Transfusion Medicine
It’s a fact that 90% of North American blood supply is dependent on Computype labelling. The combination of dependability, compliance, and customisable functionality make ours the ‘go-to’ solutions for the majority of blood facilities in the US and Europe.
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In the industrial sectors we serve, speed, efficiency, agility, and control are key to gaining an edge over competitors. These are the critical system factors Computype can help you enhance through utilisation of a dynamic labelling system.

The tyre industry places unique demands on labelling and tracking systems – Computype’s 40 years’ experience and close collaboration with global tyre manufacturers means we understand the challenges.
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Rubber Belts
Computype’s TransMark solution has transformed the way rubber belts are marked, providing a branding technology which is agile and flexible, with none of the health & safety issues associated with screen printing.
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Returnable Transport Packaging
Reusable packaging is designed for long life, so the ID for each unit needs to be as robust as possible, to enable optimised operational and environmental performance.
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With global experience assisting organiSations to achieve GHS compliance, Computype has consequently perfected the delivery of straightforward and simple compliance plans, in parallel with working to improve our clients’ workflow efficiencies.
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