The biopharma industry is constantly evolving and always placing new demands and challenges on laboratories, research facilities, and their partners.  As the industry continues to change, one thing is certain:  you and your customers can be sure that Computype will continue to provide the expertise, solutions, and services to keep your research processes efficient, accurate, and impactful.
Life Sciences - Outsourcing

The process of sourcing, barcoding, taring and packing labware is a crucial, yet time consuming activity, and we understand you can't even consider outsourcing without good reason. The fact is, seven of the top 20 big pharmaceutical companies trust their container prepping activities to us, and we ship millions of pieces of precisely barcoded, tared and kitted labware every year.

  • Reduce the time, effort and storage space in-house labelling demands
  • Free up your research staff to work on more impactful activities
  • Speed up processes and throughput with pre-labeled labware that’s immediately ready for use upon delivery
  • Reduce errors with guaranteed unique identification for each container
  • A comprehensive range of ID solutions means READY Labware can match your process demands and budget precisely
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Life Sciences - Harsh Environment

Computype has partnerships with biopharma companies all over the globe; that’s why our barcode and service solutions meet the demands of you and your customers.

  • Solutions to meet the challenges of cryogenic storage conditions, microwell plate labelling, and everyday sample tracking needs
  • Years of partnerships with compound storage libraries ensures a solution consisting of dependable labels for both plastic and glass containers, proven to withstand harsh processes
  • Improve your labelling practices and throughput goals with the flexibility and option for color, pre-printed labels, and print-on-demand systems
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Life Sciences - Automation

Label automation solutions from Computype provide you with a range of key advantages.

  • Consistency, accuracy, and less waste when labels are consistently and precisely printed-and-applied
  • Faster process speeds and increased throughput when labels are applied twice as fast as manual labelling
  • Smarter use of your research team’s time and talents when they don’t have to focus on container labelling
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